Pet Portraits in Pencil by Katja Turnsek

The traditional and classic medium which gives impression of detail and contrast


My pencil pet portraits are traditionally hand drawn on high quality Italian paper called Fabriano Artistico. I specialize in drawing dogs, cat, horses, but you can commission a drawing of any kind.

All you need is a favorite photo! If you love my pencil portraits and would like to have a pencil drawing created, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Click on each small portrait thumbnail below to view a large-sized version of each pencil drawing, a detail image of the drawing, reference photo provided by the client, information about the portrait and much more.

Pet portraits in pencil

Pencil Drawing Techniques

I use both hard, light and soft, dark graphite pencils to create the perfect balance between detail and contrast in my pencil portraits. My favourite graphite pencils are Staedtler, but I use other pencil brands too.

The paper I use for my pencil portraits is the Fabriano, from Italy. This paper have been produced for over seven centuries and is of highest possible quality. It supports many layers of strokes without tearing, that is why it's perfect for the artwork I create.

About My Pencil Drawings

Pencil drawings are very delicate and dynamic, with a touch of classic and timeless feeling. Everything can be drawn with a pencil because it's a very versatile medium.

There are really no limits to the pencil drawings. The only thing they lack is color. But that's really not a problem, sometimes color can get in the way and it's not even needed for an expressive peace of art.

Pencil Sketches

If you require affordable pencil portraits, you can commission pencil sketches instead of my detailed shown above this page. The skethes cost as my conté crayons, view my price-list for more information and follow the conte tables. Pencil sketches are simpler, more creative and reflect the animals or people's most important features and characteristics without any detail to get in the way. I use same papers and pencil brands for all pencil portraits. They are delivered with a mount / matt as well. View pencil sketches below, wait for them to load.

Pencil portrait of Cane Corso puppy

Pencil sketch of Cane Corso
Sketch of Swedish Elkhound

Sketch of Swedish Elkhound
Sketch of Briard for products

Sketch of Briard for products
Pencil sketch of baby

Pencil sketch of baby
Sketch of Springer Spaniel mix

Sketch of Springer Spaniel mix
Pencil sketch of Rhodesian Ridgeback

Pencil sketch of Ridgeback
Pencil sketch of Boy Max

Pencil sketch of Child
Pencil sketch of Poodle mix

Pencil sketch of Poodle mix
Pencil sketch of Poodle mix

Pencil sketch of Terrier
Pencil sketch of Shetland Sheepdogs

Pencil montage sketch of Shelties
Pencil sketch of Schapendoes

Pencil sketch of Schapendoes
Pencil Montage sketch of Lars

Pencil montage sketch