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Quite simply... Uniquely exquisite pet portraits indeed

That special glimmer in his eye. The spirit behind her unique personality. From his playful sense of humor to the one-of-a-kind expressions no other pet in the world has, they all combine to make your best friend who he is.

When you commission pet portraits of your special companion for yourself or as a gift, you want more than mere paint on canvas.

That's why the custom painted portraits you receive from me captures the true individuality of your pet in such a way that you simply won't be able to take your eyes off of it.

Pet portraits

Painted pet portraits hanging on your wall, allows your home to be a home. If you would like a truly special and uniquely done portrait created by a pet portrait artist with many years of experience, commission me for a portrait today!

Not only will you receive a portrait with captured likeness and expression but also an artistically created piece of fine art, which will complete your home in so many ways. The pet portrait you receive will be traditionally hand painted from photos in oil, pencil or conté pastel.

I will capture the essence and feel of your pet, not only create a hard copy of your photo. I specialize in domestic animals including dogs, cats and horses, but you can commission a subject of any kind.

From our initial contact right through to the safe worldwide delivery you'll appreciate the level of service and professionalism you receive. View complete price list »

In addition to my custom pet paintings, I can provide with all additional services you need from bespoke framing to prints of your portrait. When you're ready to order, you'll find the process simple and easy.

Commissioning a portrait is the perfect way to create a memorial or gift for someone special. What a fabulous and unique way to touch the hearts of the pet lovers in your life. Have questions about ordering pet portraits or about working with an artist? Contact me directly.

conte drawings
Conté Pastel Drawings
Artistically hand-drawn with conté & hard pastel on Canson paper. Visit conté gallery »
pencil drawings
Pencil Drawings
Traditionally hand-drawn with graphite pencils on talian Fabriano paper. Visit pencil gallery »
oil paintings
Oil Paintings
Traditionally hand-painted, using finest oil paint on linen canvas. Visit oil gallery »
portraits in progress
Portraits in Progress Blog
Follow along as you watch me create exciting paintings right before your eyes in my portraits in progress blog.
framed pet portraits
Framing & Prints
Need copies of your portrait? Order Fine Art Prints. Complete your beutiful portrait or print, with a suitable high quality Bespoke Framing
Portrait Testimonials
What My Clients Say
Over the years I have received many wonderful letters and photos from my clients. Read some of the Testimonials here.

I am the recipient of the best present I have ever received - the gorgeous / exquisite / lifelike portrait of Sunshine and Bossy. I value this above any present I have ever received. Honestly, I have been crying all day - from both sadness at my loss of Sunshine in my life and happiness in being bestowed with “my Sunshine” to live forever.

After receiving it, I brought it to my friends to see (while I cried) then to my sister to see (while I cried again). I truly cannot express how happy I am and how you and Suzi have given me a gift that I will cherish forever. Cindy