Pet Portraits in Oil by Katja Turnsek

The impressive medium which achieves great realism and gives a feeling of luxury


My oil pet portraits are traditionally hand painted on professionally stretched linen canvas. I specialize in painting dogs, cat, horses, but you can commission a painting of any kind.

All you need is a favorite photo! If you love my oil portraits and would like to have an oil painting created, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Click on each small portrait thumbnail below to view a large-sized version of each oil painting, a detail image of the painting, reference photo provided by the client, information about the portrait and much more.

Pet portraits in oil

Oil Painting Techniques

My oil portraits are detailed and very realistic with a warm and soft entirety, painted with great depth and color harmony. They are painted with techniques and colors which were employed by the old masters, but with my own style and finish.

I'm working many hours behind the easel, applying several thin layers of oil colors. The oil colors I use are from Winsor & Newton and Rembrandt, traditional oil colors of highest quality. I mix my colors with walnut oil in order to make the paint 'buttery' at the same time as it gets thinner, perfect for fine details.

About My Oil Paintings

Only the highest quality linen canvas are used for my painting, stretched to a frame. The stretched canvases are now also gallery wrapped, painted on the edges and can be hung without framing.

Oil portraits are solid, lasts for generations, are easy to maintain and usually becomes the most important part of a room. They are very impressive and gives the ultimate feeling of luxury, no other medium is of higher value then an oil painting.

Oil Portrait of Cocker Spaniel
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Oil Portrait of Golden Retriever
View Oil Portrait of Golden Retriever »
Oil portrait of dog
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kitten pet portraits
Sirri and Rashi
View Oil Portrait of Kittens »
Oil portrait of Borzoi's
Oil portrait of Oil portrait of dogs
Dixie & Hachiko
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Oil portrait of Polar Bears
Polar Bear with Cubs
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Oil portrait of Pekingese
View Oil portrait of Pekingese »
Oil portrait of Danish / Swedish Farmdog
View Oil portrait of Danish / Swedish Farmdog »