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Cats are more than just furry balls of fun. They are a bundle of emotions, which makes them truly special subjects for pet portrait artists.

I don't get commissioned to paint cat portraits as often as of dogs, but the love and life spread by a cat is no less than that by any other pet. If you have not owned a cat you’ll not know how attached they are to their owners as their owners are to them.

So are you planning to gift yourself or your loved ones a cat portrait of your favorite kitty by one of the professional cat artists? Then you have come to the right place. I can create portraits in pencil or oil conté pastel of your dearest cat.

cat portraits

If you are a cat lover and want to gift cat portraits to your loved ones on their birthday or any other occasion then you can hire my services. The portraits that I create are hand-painted and based on the photographs that you send. My artworks are life-like with the focus on the eyes as the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you want Giclee prints of the original artwork, then I can send them too at little extra cost. Get in touch with me now to commission an original painting of your beloved cat.

Blyertsporträtt African Savannah kattunge
African Savannah

Portrait of Oliver in Pencil
Kitten portraits
Portrait of Sirri & Rashi in Oil
Cat portrait
Portrait of Rory in Pencil
Portrait of cat in conte
Portrait of Missan in Conté