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pet portraits in progress
My Art Diary the place where you can view the interesting progress of all commissioned pet and family portraits. If you commissioned a portrait or if you just love to follow my work you will be able to view all photos I post by each step here.This section was created for my clients who love to be a part of the painting progress and watch how the portrait is developing. Don’t forget to participate by leaving a comment, no matter who you are!

Two New Colorful Oil Portraits & Back To Work!

New Oil Paintings Added to Gallery

I’m finally back from my vacation and I have been working for a week already. I painted two new colorful oil portraits, you can see me painting them on the two work in progress further down this post. The Cocker spaniel is already on its way to Denmark and the Chinese crested dog painting is still drying here in my studio. You can view them here: Pop Art Dog Portraits

Three New Colorful Oil Paintings Added to Gallery

Painting a Cocker Spaniel in Colorful Oils

This painting was commissioned by a client in Denmark which already has another Colorful oil painting created by me at home. The painting is in size 25x25cm, painted on gallery-wrapped 3D cotton canvas. A Cocker spaniel named Emil.

Painting a Cocker Spaniel in Colorful Oils

Painting a Chinese Crested Dog in Colorful Oils

A many times returning client here in Sweden commissioned this little pop art painting of Chinese Crested in size 15x15cm. This client always commission me to paint for printing on her products.

Colorful Chinese Crested dog in Oils

Final Scan of Cocker Spaniel in Traditional Oils & Labrador in Colorful Oils

Cocker Spaniel Oil Painting

The Oil painting of Cocker Spaniel Roonie is finally completed and scanned for you all to view. It is already approved, packed and ready to leave my Studio to UK along with the other oil painting I created for the same client.

Final Scan of Cocker Spaniel Oil Painting

Colorful Labrador Dog Portrait in Oils

This is a new colorful oil painting just off my easel of yellow Labrador “Aston”. The size is 15 x 20cm with a simple scenic background. I will complete one more colorful oil painting before I go on my vacation, but it will not be uploaded to my blog before I come back. The client will however be able to see a photo of me painting it before I leave.

Colorful Labrador Dog Portrait in Oils

Progress Photos, New Colorful Oil Paintings & Framed Drawing

Cocker Spaniel Oil Painting in Progress

Since I have some many pictures to blog at the same time I decided to create one post for them all. First you see both second and third stage of Cocker Spaniel Ronnie in oils. The third stage is what I call “the dark stage”. I paint everything quite dark in order to work from dark to light next. I have much work left on this painting and hopefully I will be able to continue with it tomorrow.

Progress of Cocker Spaniel painting in Oils

Progress of Cocker Spaniel painting in Oils

Colorful Dog Portraits in Oils

I have created two new colorful pop art dog portraits in oils and they are both small, size 15 x 20cm. The first oil painting is of Staffordshire Bull Terrier “Soja” and the second one is of Leonberger puppy “Estrella”.

Pop Art Dog Staffordshire bull terrier

Pop Art Dog Leonberger puppy

Framed Pencil Drawing

Below you see the framed pencil drawing of horse and “cowboy” I created weeks ago. I went to collect the drawing yesterday and took some photos to blog and show them to my client. The aim was to make it simple and both me and the framer like the outcome so let’s hope the client will like it too. We didn’t want a black moulding as that took away to much from the main focus, which is the drawing of course. That was all for today :).

Framed pencil drawing

Framed pencil drawing

Framed pencil drawing