Terms, Conditions & Privacy

When you commission artwork by Katja

Commissioned Pet Portraits

Order Cancellation

If a short deadline wasn’t requested, you can have a full refund when you cancel your order within 7 days. If you however cancel your order after 7 days either before or once the painting process started, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

The percentage (from 20-50% of total portrait cost) depends on several aspects and is to cover costs for payment gateways, time spent on administration, emails, mock-ups, painting and work material.

Your payment will be refunded, minus the cancellation fee. Refunds cannot be made to a third party. If you wish to cancel your order, please notify me as son as possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all portraits created by me. I have a work in progress blog where you can watch your portrait develop from a simple sketch to a completed portrait. I photograph each stage as I work at my easel.

As it takes much time and effort for me to keep you regularly updated on my work, you must have a full input from the early stages and through the entire painting process. This way you can comment on and/ or make possible suggestions as I'm painting. Even once the portrait is completed you can request contingent alternations if you are not completely happy with the end result.

If you would like me to make alternations to the portrait once it has been delivered to your home (even if you approved the final scan), you must contact me within 7 days, send the portrait back to my studio and pay the shipping costs to me and back.

Currency Exchange

Since I’m based in Sweden, prices on this website are quoted in SEK (Swedish Krona), however you can view all prices in your currency. The conversions are never exact, but Paypal should charge your Credit / Debit card based on actual current exchange rates.

I cannot be held responsible for any loss due to exchange rate fluctuations. Since you pay only half to start and it takes a while before your next payment is made, the exchange rates can change. If you are concerned about about exchange rate fluctuations, you can pay your portrait in full when you order. If this is the case, please contact me.

Portrait Delivery & Delivery Times

I deliver my portraits worldwide, using FedEx Express - a convenient door-to-door delivery. View shipping & packaging costs on my price-list. Delivery outside EU may be subject to local import taxes, which are the customers responsibility. Read more under headline Responsibility for Paying Taxes & Quarantines.

I work on a first come first served basis and delivery-times depend on my workload at the time you place the order. Contact me to find out how much work I have at this time. If you require a portrait with a very short deadline, I can never fully guarantee that you will receive the portrait in time for the occasion. Read two reasons below:

  • It is hard for me to predict the exact amount of working hours a portrait requires
  • It is hard to predict exact delivery times and customs clearance (import) delays

I always do my best, but sometimes not even my best is enough unfortunately. Please purchase a Gift Voucher if you have a short deadline.

Payment & Security

To order and secure your space on my client list you will only need to place a small deposit amount, exactly how much depends on medium of your choice. I take half of the total cost before I start, you need to pay the balance up to 50% just right before I start. Rest of the amount, 50% balance is paid once the portrait is completed. All payments are made safely through Paypal with help of their highly secured servers.

Anyone knows how seriously Paypal take security and with their automatic fraud screening and Seller Protection Policy, they keep both me and you safe. PayPal is PCI compliant.

Privacy Policy & Cookies

Personal information such as your email, address or phone number will never be sold, distributed or given to third parties. I personally assure you that your personal information will never leave the confines of this website. If you do not wish to include your full name on my testimonial page, please do let me know.

Cookies are only used in my shopping cart to keep track of the contents you added. If you do not wish to to use cookies, please change your Internet browser settings.

Responsibility for Paying Taxes & Quarantines

I am not responsible for any possible additional costs such as Value Added Tax (VAT) / Goods & Services Tax (GST) or quarantines. You as a customer must pay these fees upon import to your country.

Most countries don't charge VAT or GST percentages for original artwork because of it's tariff, however there are some exceptions and some of those are: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The 10% GST is paid only if the final value exceed $1000 AUD. If you are unlucky, Australia or New Zealand can place imported goods to a quarantine which you as a recipient must pay.

However, if you order a stretched oil painting I will make sure to use a Aluminium frame instead of a wooden one, all this to reduce any possibilities for a quarantine.

Reproduction Rights

Any artwork I create is commissioned for personal use only and can not be used for financial gain. I own the reproduction copyright on all my artwork, however, I never reproduce any custom work as I know it's personal and for you only.

For your reproduction rights you have to pay an extra fee and the price is not included on my pricelist. please contact me for further information.

Damage in Transit

Always check the package for possible damage before acceppting your delivery. If the package is intact and the portrait or any other content has been damaged in transit you will have to photograph the damage and it's original packaging materials for FedEx - the courier company to review.

Send the photos back to me and we can arrange what will be done. As the sender, I'm obligated to arrange and contact the courier company as soon as possible. Do not dispose any of the contents before our complaint and compensation has been arranged.

The portraits travel insured and there is a possibility to get the money refunded from FedEx if the portrait arrives damaged. My portraits are packed to a very high standard, but sometimes damage do occur, especially on framings with glass.

Copyright Information

All images, texts and design on my website are Copyrighted. Copyrights © by Katja Turnsek - PetArt with Heart. No images, text or design can be used on other websites without my permission.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 years and must be redeemed within 3 years of purchase. Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Value, Date and Voucher number is written on each Gift voucher. The purchaser’s full name is noted in a database. All this is done to help discovering possible fraud.

Bespoke Framing

Once the order has been done of your bespoke framing, you can’t change your mind and cancel it. I do not frame the portraits myself.

The professional framing company won't give any money back once they started on your order. We will chat about your requirements first and then do our best to meet your needs and make you happy with our work.