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Where Is Katja Painting Her Pet Portraits?

Photos of My Portrait Studio

Many people think I paint my pet portraits in a huge gallery somewhere, however that’s not the case. Since I never create series of paintings and sell later, I don’t need more space than I have.

All my paintings and drawings are sold long before I even start creating them, so I don’t even need a large storage space. I live in an apartment with my family, outside of Gothenburg in Sweden.

As you can see, I don’t need many things in order to make things work. My two dogs insists to be on all photos :). I just replaced all the furniture, reorganized everything and I really love the outcome. I’m more of a “less is more” person and my new work space really suits my personality. I want everything in order, or I’ll panic, haha.

Well, this is my portrait studio named PetArt with Heart. This is all for now, I will however add more photos in this section. Come back later and view photos of surroundings, all beautiful locations around Gothenburg, the place I call home.

My Surroundings, Beautiful Places in Gothenburg

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