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Pet Portraits Testimonials from Happy Clients

It’s such a wonderful feeling to get news from a satisfied customer and that’s why I decided to publish some of the letters here. These comments are usually very emotional and express my client’s deepest feelings, they really touch me to the bottom of my heart and are of immense value to me. 

The fact that I can make people this happy, makes me love my job even more! When I think of my own two beloved dogs Cindy & Raider that passed away and some of my closest relatives, I perfectly understand what it means when they are gone and there is nothing left but memories. 

Mike & Harley's Photo Testimonial


The portrait of Harley is just beautiful. I am so happy how it has turned out. It reminds me of how she looked last weekend at the beach!! So excited just waiting for us to throw her ball in the waves.

Thank you,


Happy clients Mike and Jenn

Hi Katja,

I am thrilled with Lilo's watercolor portrait that I received today! Not only is it artistic, but it really does capture his personality. I can't wait to have it framed and displayed. This will be a beautiful keepsake that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you for making this such an easy process.

I really found it comforting and enjoyable to view each stage of the your work. I am hoping to get another puppy at the end of the year and I will definitely seek you out again. Thanks again for everything, it has been a pleasure!

Take Care,

Sarah Guidotti

Hello Katja,

Hope you had a good Easter! The portrait is just wonderful. You have captured Star in such a lovely ethereal way. I wouldn't change a thing! Thank you so much.

Best Wishes,

Karen Simpson

Line & Alice's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja!

The painting is absolutely fantastic, you've really captured my beautiful angel. Alice was my beloved soul mate, a very special little girl.

The loss of her is huge, but every time I walk past the painting and see that beautiful look and personality, my heart swim with warmth.

I am so thankful for this painting which brightens our home and will remind us every day of this beautiful little dog.

Line Nordgren

Happy clients Line


Here is Tiffany's response:

"Hi Karen,

The portrait of Darla is so lovely, words can't express how beautiful it is, except to say "it is so beautiful." It captures her perfectly. Thank you so much! And the artist Katja, you chose well, is truly talented! The use of color and the earnestness in Darla's eyes is remarkably captured by Katja. I truly don't know how artists do it...

I look forward to having this painting in our house and will send you a picture when it is hung. I showed the portrait to Chad and he was very, very impressed. Thank you again for such a wonderful Christmas present. Our girl Darla immortalized!

Much love to you, Tiffany"

Thank you,

Karen Findley

David & Alison's Photo Testimonial

Hello Katja

Both Alison love the Siberian Stretching Tiger and it is marvelous how you have captured the relief on his face whilst stretching.

But we shamefully admit that our favourite is the Polar Bears. This is perhaps because we always wanted the bears and because the beauty makes them “come alive” but then so does your Tiger ……. I guess we love them both but as you can see from the pictures, your Polar Bears allow our home to be a home. Exquisite indeed. Lots of love from the USA.

I will regroup and establish contact again. Don’t forget us in the meantime.
Take care.

David & Alison

Happy clients David Alison

Dear Katja,

I'm so excited about the final product! You really did such an amazing job! Words cannot even explain what this present means to us...

Jess Obrubsky

Hi Katja,

The painting is just beautiful! Simply amazing... Lastly, I do hope you signed the painting as all great artists do. : ) it is a masterpiece!

Warmest regards,


Carl & Samantha's Photo Testimonial

Even though it's been almost a year since we lost Samantha, you have kept her alive with the stunning picture of our little girl.

We now have so many memories because of all of your hard work. Memories that cannot be taken away.

Everytime we look at the very realistic picture of her. Keep up the good work for those who follow.

Julie Shaw

Happy clients Carl

Kat: I JUST GOT IT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!! Incredible!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE OF "YOUR GIFT" YOU are going to help me TOUCH Victoria's Heart tomorrow, CHRISTMAS DAY!!! i WILL EMPLOY YOUR GIFT AGAIN IN THE FUTURE!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU KAT!!!!!!!!!

Robert Gibbons

Oh My how cute is Scout!!!! I am so excited about giviing this as a gift. Thanks so much...

Hi and Happy Holidays to You Todd was soooo touch with his painting. I had it framed with a suade matting! Not a great pic but the only one i have. thanks sooooo much for making such a beautiful gift.

Ellen Browning

Anita & Jerry's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja,

The painting you have created of our dogs, Amber & Tess, is stunning. The close-up pictures of them are amazing, their eyes and expressions are exactly right.

We can’t wait to recieve the painting and we will try and take a photograph with the girls for you to see the true likeness that you have created.

Anita & Jerry

Happy clients Anita and Jerry

Hello Katja!!

I just received my picture of Preziosa!! It came out soooooo beautiful!! My mom simply loves it!!! Wow is all I can say!! You have captured her perfectly!! We are going to the store on Saturday to have it framed..I can't wait!!! Thanks again for Preziosa's beautiful picture.

Take care!! Enjoy your day!!

Cathy White


What lovely horse and rider! Its really visible how Spice boy loves jumping, he is smiling and the eyes are very beautiful. Agnes really show full focus and concentration on the next obstacle. With mane and tail that flies (and the blurry background) it’s clear that you get an understanding about just how fast they are riding!

I can understand how difficult it can be to paint that small detail, as you can find in faces; it’s probably very finically. We love the painting! Waiting with excitement to see it for real. I hope I can collect the painting in Wednesday so she can receive it on her 15th birthday! A truly beautiful gift I believe.


Ulrika Blomgren

Melissa & Fie's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja,

I was on the site to peek and the portrait it's just magnificent, you managed to paint so many details on this tiny size!

I'm excited about the picture and it's just so soft :)

Many regards,

Melissa Tribler

Happy clients Melissa


I’m so glad Katja that I found my way to your web site, and that you could do the watercolor for me with such a short notice! The watercolor is fantastically beautiful and very portrait alike, despite the poor reference you had to work from. We are very pleased and I think Barbro will be thrilled when she gets her painting! :) I will definitely get in touch with you again, because I want a bigger oil panting of my children together and one of our dog. THANK YOU so much for your incredible work!



Hi Katja,

How are you? I want to thank you for the nice drawing, that you've made of Thor. It was a nice surprise to get the drawing for my birthday! The drawing is amazing, you made Thor really come alive on paper. We will give the drawing a nice place in our livingroom, next to the one of Zoran. We are very happy with the 2 beautiful drawings of our dogs and very proud to have them hanging in our house!

Mario Meysman

George & Pam's Photo Testimonial

The beautiful painting is here and well. The UPS man brought it into our house and opened it to make sure it was perfect. He loved it too.

We take it next week to get framed by the same people that will frame George's portrait. We will send you pictures from the dedication. We love the calling cards and postcards.

Thanks again so much. We are really excited to donate such a beautiful painting to the school.

George & Pam Hopper

Happy clients George & Pam

Hey Katja,

I have been following the steps of the drawing with a lot of interest. And I saw with each step that Zoran was coming alive more and more. The drawing is really amazing, very beautiful and lifelike !! This is Zoran like I see him every day. The pencil drawing is actually perfect. I'm amazed with it en therefore I wanna thank you hearty !

Zoran has also a little comrade; His name is Thor, he is 6 months and also a working malinois. Now I'm sure, when Thor has become older, I also want such a beautiful pencil drawing of him. Dank u, thank you very much kind regards and see you later.

Mario Meysman

IT ARRIVED THIS MORNING!! It's here!! It's a Christmas miracle!! The portrait is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you so much! It's being framed right now, and will be ready today or tomorrow. So, all is well! I'll let you know how it goes! Thank you thank you thank you.

Kenneth Tobias

Sarah & George's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja,

I hope you are enjoying the summer. I just remembered I never sent you the photos of my Uncle George opening up the picture of Farley.

He absolutely loved it! My aunt and uncle hung said everyone who comes into the room compliments them on the beautiful portrait.

Thanks again! Take Care,

Sarah Guidotti

Happy clients George


My name is James, and my dearest friend Ken had you draw a picture of me and my cat Mona. I received the drawing, matted and framed by Ken, on Christmas morning and was so excited and thrilled. I absolutely love it! I have it hanging over the mantle of my fireplace and thought I'd send you a picture.


Hi Katja!

Thank you for the portrait of Salvia. You really succeeded to capture her personality and her expressive eyes. When we opened the package and saw the painting, it felt like she was with us again. The portrait of Salvia really is the memory I always wished to have of my best friend.

Best regards,

Petra Gyllensten

Wendy's & Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja,

I am speechless... It looks great!! It is completely him! I don't know how you did it, but you really captured his great looks, combined with his attitude and his lust for life.

He's a real survivor, with a great sense of humour who's always in for a joke (he loves to hide behind a corner and scare you when you walk by). You really did a great job, congratulations!

Kind regards,

Wendy Kerremans

Happy clients Wendy

Oh, she CRIED and CRIED and CRIED and CRIED. Mom was totally unprepared and really didn`t have a clue. I first gave her a greeting card I made myself and my brother printed it on a beautiful and expensive paper. In it was a print of the painting from your web site. She was really happy and besides that there was couple hundred crowns.

This money was for a frame, but of course she didn`t understand that... Then I told her to wait a moment and ran to get the package as I went towards her, she starred at me and understood right away as she saw the size of the package. She bursted into tears, didn`t even take the package at first.

She was REALLY HAPPY and than she wanted to phone and thank all people who helped buy the painting (grandmother, grandfather, my brother, my dad, her sister & brother)and she didn`t even have time to say "hi, it`s Carin" before she bursted into tears again. So I had to take over the phone all the time =) She tried to call you yesterday but you weren`t at home, only your son. But on the other hand she probably wouldn`t be able to talk anyway =) =) =)

Chiquita meant so VERY MUCH TO HER, on a way that no other dog could ever do. She was saying all evening: "she is alive, she is alive! Do you see her eyes? She is really alive!" when she looked at the painting. This couldn`t be better, I promise you. I have almost never seen my mother this emotional and I think it even came as a shock to her. Thank you DEAR KATJA for a really wonderful painting. There are many of us who are lyrical over this you have to belive =)

Kind Regards,

Caroline Appelfeldt

Carol & Jack's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja

I love it!! It's fabulous. You captured him beautifully, his expression even the sheen on his nose!

I can't wait to get it. Thank you so much.

Carol A Hardaway

Happy clients Carol

Oh my goodness!!! It looks fantastic!! You did such a wonderful job. It really looks exactly like the picture! You captured their personalities and beauty. Thanks so much.

Katie Notarione

It looks awesome! When I saw his eye on step two I started crying, I had a hard day and his eye looked so lifelike...it just reminded me how much I miss him. And I can feel the tears coming now too. I just can't express how thankful I am to you.


Gary & Taisho's Photo Testimonial

I finally got the portrait of Taisho back from the framers' and it looks great! I put it on a wall in our master bedroom and had my wife close her eyes while I stood her right in front of it.

I told her this was her belated and now long-awaited birthday gift that she was surely going to love -- and so of course she couldn't imagine what it was -- and she was brought to tears.

It's such a lovely portrait. You really captured his character and this is a piece of art we'll cherish the rest of our lives.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and feel so lucky to have kept digging on the Internet until I found you -- all the way in Sweden.

The framers, who have seen it all, were really impressed with your work too. The eyes, the depth to the work -- they were pretty astonished.

Gary Rainville

Happy clients Gary

Hi Katja!

Wanted to send an email and tell that the painting arrived. MY GOD how beautiful it is! It is unbelievable detailed and it really is Wilma looking back at me. We are mightily impressed by how wonderful you paint. We want to thank you a thousand times more, for the amazing job you have put down!

Best regards,

Therese Kristedal

I am so happy with it. It looks exactly like her. It brought a tear to my eye. Can’t wait to give it to Fred. I’ll let you know what his reaction is. Thank you so much again. I may get you to do another one of our Bulldog George.

Holie Spencer

Jenny's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja,

Sorry It's taken me a while to get back to you. The picture of George arrived last Thursday and we love it, you have done a fantastic job.

It's quite difficult to get George to pose next to the picture but after several attempts we finally have a photo!

Thanks again for your hard work, the picture looks amazing and has pride of place in our home.


Happy clients Jenny

Dear Katja,

Thank you very much for the fantastic portrait you made of our daughter and our two old ladies, Bonnie and Bus. We gave our daughter her portrait on her fifth birthday last week and believe me when I say that she was delighted. She adores her cats. She wants to put the portrait in her bedroom but we would like to have it in our living-room. It has not yet been decided. Once again, thank you. You have a lot of talent and many of our friends have asked about your work. I will use you again when brother or sister arrives.


Linda & Simon McArdle

Oh, Katja - what should I say... You managed to capture her totally PERFECT! I am more than satisfied :-)) It will be wonderful to frame this picture and place it on a spot where everybody directly can se it! Thank you, for a great (and unbelievable quick) job!


Mel Shrawder's Photo Testimonial


Again, our deepest gratitude on a beautiful job. Sometimes they appear so real they make us a bit sad especially on the last one that ee lost in March - Coconut.

Schatza and Ariel died almsot 20 years ago and Blue about 7 years ago so it is easier to enjoy the likeness without that immediacy. We have put them up in our bedroom and enjoy the opportunity to talk to them before going to bed.

Thanks so much for the hard work and patience, and I hope the future brings you much wealth, health and happiness.

Mel Shrawder

Happy clients shrawders

Hi Katja,

Received Notte's pencil drawing today - IT IS FANTASTIC!! You could reach out and give that boy of ours a kiss and feel one back. You are extremely talented and blessed. Am going out to get it framed today and will bring it to our Neapolitan club meeting this Sunday!! Please send text for our newsletter as soon as convenient for you.

Thank you!!!


Katja, All I can say is WOW! Lexus is a special dog to me, one of a kind. She is so kind and always has the expression that there is something going on behind those eyes of hers, my husband says she seems that she is always on the verge of speaking out loud and telling us something important!

I could never imagine her very soul to be able to be captured on canvas as you have managed to do so well. I received her painting quickly, and it was packaged very well, my only trouble now is finding a frame to do it justice! Thank you Katja for this amazing piece!

Jessica Petrus

Agi & Spencer's Photo Testimonial

Hi, Katja - the portrait is lovely -- don't change a thing! The only problem is that looking at it I miss him so much, and it'll be another week before I'm home!

You've really captured his heart as well as his face.

many thanks

Agi Kiss

Happy clients Agi


Yes, it arrived yesterday. I’m sooo happy with this Drawing; you truly made a super good job!! Thank you so much!! It’s not enough that Tjanna is as pretty as for real, that really is HER on the drawing!! It will probably take a year, but I will sure have my little-girl done too!

Thank you!

Madelene Andersson

Dear Katja,

Last fall you contacted me and wanted to paint a portrait of my German Shepherd dog named Ossi. Even to this day, I am very grateful to you for painting him and I wanted to tell you that his painting means even more to me today than it did when I received it.

Shortly after my painting arrived, Ossi was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and he died on March 12, 2006. Throughout his very short illness, he was very dignified and never let his illness get him down. He was a magnificient companion and he is missed very much. I wanted to let you know that somehow, your painting of him watching over things helps me to get through each day.

You captured his beauty and his spirit lives on through your work. You are truely an inspiration to future artists.


Debbie Miller

Cina's Photo Testimonial

I just had to drive home on my lunch break to see if the painting finally arrived. Went to get it out, it is absolutely fantastic. I got tears in my eyes, so realistic that is almost scary.

I now left it at the framer, a beautiful, slightly colorful frame and antique styled. It will look fantastic. I will get it next Friday at earliest because they had to order the frame and it delivered in Thursdays.

So now I will have to wait again… promise that you will get a photo of it when I get the framed painting back. Many thanks Katja; you should know that I spread your website to all people I know and I’m hoping you will get many commissions.

Cina Hjorth

Happy clients Cina


The painting of Valorie has arrived and it is absolutly stunning! What talent you have...Thank you so much for the incredible, lifelike painting that you have created for me. I will enjoy it forever.


Carrie Peterson


I went to get the painting today, didn’t have time yesterday. It is super good, better then the photo. Thank you so much, my parents will love it.


Jody's Photo Testimonial

Dear Katja,

Thanks for painting such a wonderful portrait. Here are two photos of Wolfgang with the painting.

The portrait will be going to our framer shortly, but we thought you would enjoy the before and after.

We are just thrilled. Wolfgang does show it, but he is thrilled also. Have a great week.


Jody Justus

Happy clients Jody

Hi Katja!

The watercolour looks totally fantastic. My loving "old man" you got his character to 100% (even the other two, but he has a special place in my heart).

Best regards,


It's really lovely -- Tara is appropriately regal, and Tenzin is his sweet, earnest, expectant self. I'm practically expecting Tenzin's paw to come right out of the page to bat at my hand.

Many thanks!

Agi Kiss

Kate & Pär's Photo Testimonial


Thank you dear Katja for the wonderful painting you have created of our beloved little Shelties.

The entire painting has really beautiful hues, I'm speechless each time I lay my eyes on your wonderful creations.

Many hugs from

Pär & Kate

Happy clients Kate

Hi Katja,

Just took my first look at the final Bronte picture and am most happy. It’s wonderful. You certainly have a gift! When Bronte died about a year ago, it devastated everyone in the family. I believe that your picture will bring back memories of a much happier time. Thank you again. I am already trying to get a few good photos of our two yorkies to send you for a dual portrait. One is a 15 lb. bully and the other a little feisty mooch. I will get in contact with you shortly.

Your friend,

Stanley Vasek

Hi Katja,

I just wanted to email and thank you again for the beautiful portrait of Coco. Mandy absolutely loved it! As you can imagine, it was a very emotional experience for her when she opened the package at Christmas as she only lost Coco 4 months ago. Everybody that has seen the portrait remark how talented you are and how much the portrait looks just like Coco.

Again, thank you.


Shawn Guthrie

Mikael's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja!

When I saw the pictures in the email I got warm all over, What a beautiful painting you've done for me, Katja! THANKS! It would be perfect if I could come down and collect the painting this weekend.

I am so incredibly happy, and it will be so much fun to come down and bring it home! :) I can't wait: D. THANKS again!



Happy clients Mikael

I think it is truly magnificent - better than I could ever have hoped for.

Thank you so very much!

Niall Lobley


I went to get the package today. Daaaaamn how beautiful. You cant imagine how glad I got when I saw the picture. My mother will be really happy. So once again thank you so much. I will email you later and tell you what my “little” mother thought about it.

Many thanks from a happy family :)


Ylva & Idefix's Photo Testimonial

Hi Katja!

I've received my print of Idefix I'm so happy with it! It's really beautiful and sharp, and it has a nice size.

I really like having a painting of him from when he was younger and had a more vibrant color. He's starting to turn lighter in the face now and the fur gets more and more curly every year.

I'm very pleased with the result, thank you very much Katja!

Ylva Malm

Happy clients Ylva

Hi Katja,

What can I say? I have had several animal portraits commissioned by several different artists over the years, but none compare to the detail involved in this portrait of Teddy. I am sure my Mum will be delighted with it. She does not want to see it just now; she wants to wait for the final portrait to arrive.

I would be interested to know what you think of it? I would like to thank you once again for all your effort and hard work, your talent is exceptional. I have been recommending your work to all my friends, family and work colleagues, who are all impressed with your talent and the contents of your website. No matter what the future holds for Teddy he will live for ever in the context of this portrait. When I look at this painting it makes me think he is alive and is in the room rather than looking at a painting.

My only disappointment is that Oscar and Storm couldn’t be included in the painting with Teddy, but I realize the reason for this when I see the detail involved in Teddy’s portrait. It's a shame digital cameras were not fashionable during Storm and Oscar's era. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer,


Allison Chinea-Hernandez

Hi Katja It is brilliant!

I cant wait to see it. If you have them, please can you also send a copy of the photos that you took at each stage? Thank you so much for producing this wonderful piece of art, I will let you know what Mark thinks when he gets it as a gift for his birthday.

Kind regards

Alicia Jeffrey

Hello Katja,

I gave Chris his portrait of Ellie and he absolutely loved it! He thought it looked more like her than the actual picture. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. We both cried after he opened it. I was wondering if you could send me her work in progress page. I wanted to show Chris and when I got on the website, it was not there anymore. He would love to see it.

Thank you again,


Ingrid & Vilda's Photo Testimonial

Hello Katja

Many thanks for the wonderful painting you did of my Vilda (SEUCH Enigma Standing Ovations)! It is so natural and alive, every hair is at the right place, and her expression is so well interpreted.

The painting has been given a prominent place in our home and all who see it are completely overwhelmed, you really succeeded and I will always be extremely happy with it!

Enclosed please find a photo of us, not so good, but at least as proof of my appreciation!

Ingrid Paulsson

Happy clients Ingrid

Hi Katja,

Cujo’s portrait arrived the other day and it is just beautiful! You really captured his expression and the final result far exceeded my expectations. My boyfriend was equally impressed. You are truly talented and your work has a great “feel” to it, if that makes sense. I will be contacting you for another portrait in the near future.

Thank you so much.

Laura Brown

Think that you captured Stollah on the spot, curious and proud as she was. Can really feel the excitement and tension in her body as well as the intense look she had.

Annica Gunnarsson


You have done another fine job. The impact of the center image really makes the drawing for me. You captured the detail in the musculature of the leaping dog, which is one of my favorite photos. It makes me a little sad looking at the drawing. The center dog is my second, Rex II. He has been retired for a couple of years now, he's 16 years, and is now a shadow of his former self. Thank you for capturing the image of him in his prime.

Thank you,

Marc Plunske


I've got it! It was really super good, I got tears in my eyes :) !! My sister is abroad right now so we in the family will visit her when she comes back and give her the painting then! Thank you once again and for a super excellent work with the painting!


Ulrika Pålgård


We just arrived home after the birthday celebrating and I can say that she was veeery happy with the result! She looked at it many time during the dinner and asked like all of us. How does she do it! (that is to say you).

Completely fantastic Katja, you get the dog to crawl out of the picture, to look alive. The eyes are bright and shiny; the nose has a touch of light. The hair and whirls are where they are supposed to be. The drawing is so detailed.

You have even included a little drool drop :)) Just_so_fantastic! And yes, the drawing arrived today but I think you understood that in the beginning right :) THANK YOU so very much and we don’t say good bye, but be seeing you!


Jennie Strange

Hi Katja.

I saw the picture on Facebook, and am thrilled. I can't wait to see it in person! I can't wait to tell my sister, who bought the gift certificate for me, that it is completed.

It will be a year on April 6th that I lost him, and I miss him just as much now as I did then. Thank you so much for painting TJ. I loved him so much. 

Jackie Hamilton

Hahahahah! It looks beautiful! Thank you. My girlfriend will love it! A great rendering of our goofy dog.

Chad Howitt

Greetings Katja,

FABULOUS!!!!!! The portrait is absolutely stunning. You have captured her warmth and feeling as if I had just taken the photo

Thank you!

Best wishes


Oh my goodness!!! It looks fantastic!! You did such a wonderful job. It really looks exactly like the picture! You captured their personalities and beauty. Thanks so much.

Katie Notarione

I LOVE IT!!! Youve exceeded my highest expectations!!! Maddy looks so pretty and natural and happy. My girlfriend is going to be beyond thrilled :)))

Jacob Reuther

Dear Katja,

I am speechless. It is the most beautiful portrait I have ever seen. Maybe I’m biased, but I think this is your best one. No all of them of great, but I think this is the best. Black dogs are not only a difficult challenge to photograph, but also to paint. You made it look pretty easy.

I am amazed and positive that the real portrait is even better than what I’m seeing here on the computer. I just don’t know how to thank someone who helped so much to restore my wonderful and happy memories of these beautiful dogs I had in my life for 13 years. This portrays Katie and Quinn in their prime. You have captured their personality through their eyes. Katie was the more serious one, most of the time.

Quinn was the forever puppy; he was always ready to play until his very last day. This painting and the process you and I went through together, has done so much to subdue the sadness of the last chapter in Katie and Quinn’s lives. This is most inadequate Katja, but thank you from the bottom of my broken, but now healing heart.

Judy Pittman

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