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On The Easel - Your Pet Portrait In Progress

Watch Your Portrait Come to Life

Once I start with your commissioned portrait, you along with your family and friends will absolutely love to be part of the painting process and watch as your portrait comes to life, comfortably from anywhere at any time. I photograph and upload various stages of each portrait as I sit behind my easel painting or drawing.

If you commissioned your portrait as a gift and would like to make sure not to ruin any surprices, or if you have any other reason to keep it secret, just let me know and I will send the progress photos to your email instead. My traditional oil paintings take longer to complete and there will always be more stages to photograph than, say, my pastel drawings and pop art portraits.

Once your portrait is completed, I scan and upload the image here too. When you have seen and approved the final scan, your "On The Easel" reference photo will be replaced with the next in line. The stages and final scan of your portrait will stay on this page, so you can keep looking at it until you recieve the package to your home.

Latest Completed Pet Portraits & Work in Progress

View my latest completed pet portraits below and scroll down to view the work in progress images below this page. On the easel right now is Dierk which will be painted in traditional oils on Italian linen canvas, size 12"x10".

Pet Portrait On The Easel

Stage 3 of Dierk in Oils - Preparing for next layer

Stage 3 of Dierk in Oils

Stage 2 of Dierk in Oils - Blocking in

Stage 2 of Dierk in Oils

Stage 1 of Dierk in Oils - Sketch

Stage 1 of Dierk in Oils

Latest Completed Portrait - Winston in Traditional Oils

Dog portrait in oils on linen canvas

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Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you