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Pet Portraits Bespoke High Quality Framing

A frame can ether make or destroy any artwork, so I want to give you a choice right here and offer superior framing of best possible quality. A framing which will enhance and protect your portrait for generations to come.

View photos of actual framings to help you decide on which framing style you prefer. There are many more mouldings to choose from, but you can view some of the most popular ones below. To choose the right framing is a very important part for the entirety. Me and the framer love to chat about which framing makes a perfect combination for each painting.

You can't ask for more than four professional eyes doing the best they can for your painting. I'm very happy that I can provide you with the best framing service available accompanied with my high quality portraits.

Pet Portraits High Quality Framing

perfect moulding


Warmish moulding


Modern mouldings


Spatter moulding


Gold moulding


Modern mouldings

Rustic Dots

Ornate moulding


Coldly moulding


Double Deep mouldings

Double Deep

Slide moulding


Timeless moulding


White rustic moulding

White Rustic

Inner Slips For Oil Paintings

Oil paintings can have inner slips in either linen or wood. The inner slips really enhance, give more depth and scale to any framing. With a little space added between the painting and moulding, the whole framing gives an impression of calmness and space.

Change the overall appearance with inner slips and draw the attention into the painting. Let me know if you would like to use inner slips with your framing.

Engraved Plaques

For an additional charge I can arrange silver, gold or bronze engraved plaques for your framing. In order to use the plaques you need to choose a moulding which has a flat area where the plaque can be placed.

Glass Type For Pencil & Conté Drawings

The ClearColour glass is my obvious choice for framing my drawings in pencil and conte. It is an expencive type, produced to show the real picture behind the glass. It is created by Nielsen Bainbridge and it's called ClearColour Plus.

ClearColour is an anti-reflex glass with UV-protection. It is specially made by way that it's dipped in several chemical substances och the result is a anti-reflex without grain or blur.

Is Framing Really Necessary?

Sooner or later you will need to frame your pencil or conté drawing, but my oil paintings can be hung without any framing at all. They are professionally stretched to 21mm deep wooden stretcher bars and painted on all edges.

Contact Katja Turnsek for a Pet Portrait Today

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you