Framing for your Pet Portrait

Museum quality

Enhance and Protect Your Artwork!

You’ve just invested in a perfect portrait, created by a professional artist! So, why not frame the artwork with a high quality framing?

A cheap framing won’t compliment the artwork the way a hand-crafted framing will.

You would like to display the artwork for generations, right? Then it’s vital it is framed using the correct materials and methods, by a professional.

These are not cheap, ready made frames

The framing you get here will both enhance and give your portrait the ultimate protection.

I want the best for you and the artwork I just spent so many hours working on. So, take the chance and order you're framing right here.

Get a delivery with a ready to hang portrait! Just sit back and let me do the work for you.

Are you wondering how to choose the right framing?

You can view photos of actual framings in my porträtt galleries and selection of moldings right here. Everything to help you decide on which framing style you prefer. Let me know if there is something specific you would like.

There are literally thousands of moldings to choose from!

To choose the right framing is a very important part for the entirety. I will help you.

I'm very happy that I can provide you with the best framing service available, accompanied with my high quality portraits.

Handcrafted, ornate, swept and moulded

Bespoke Luxurious and Exquisite Frames

If you are looking for a classic and luxurious framing, I’m working with just the right company who is able to provide this for you.

These fabulous handmade framings are ornate, swept and moulded, created by highly-skilled craftsmen with generations of experience.

All framings are bespoke and quality controlled before sent to my Studio.

Your framing can be created in any size, color and finish.

This company specializes in antique and aged gold and silver finishes, made to order with a 5-7 week lead time. View a few examples of their work below!

If you found a particular framing you would like and have a photo of it, they will be able to create one just like it for you.

Modern or traditional

High Quality Framings

The modern and traditional frames are provided by my local framer, I have been working with him for many years.

This company has been in the business for generations and is located just a few minutes away from my studio.

The bespoke and luxurious framings above are made to order with a long lead time, however with the framings below I can have your framing arranged within a week.

View a few examples of frames available below!

Museum quality

Framing Information

Framing with Inner Slips

Framings can have inner slips in either linen or wood. The inner slips really enhance, give more depth and scale to any framing. With a little space added between the painting and moulding, the whole framing gives an impression of calmness and space.

Change the overall appearance with inner slips and draw the attention into the painting. View some examples of inner slips below.

framing inner slips

Engraved Plaques

For an additional charge I can arrange silver, gold or bronze engraved plaques for your framing. In order to use the plaques you need to choose a moulding which has a flat area where the plaque can be placed.

Glass Type - For Drawing Framings

The ClearColour glass is my obvious choice for framing my drawings in pastel. It is an expencive type, produced to show the real picture behind the glass. It is created by Nielsen Bainbridge and it's called ClearColour Plus.

ClearColour is an anti-reflex glass with UV-protection. It is specially made by way that it's dipped in several chemical substances och the result is a anti-reflex without grain or blur.

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