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Prices and Information for Custom Pet Portraits

This information will quickly give you an idea about the ordering process for my traditionally hand painted and drawn custom pet portraits. With many years of experience in taking commissions I have learned how to meet my clients requirements and wishes on a personal level. However, my high level service doesn’t stop there, I also take each commission as an opportunity to exceed all my customer’s expectations. More than often I’m praised for my high level service and it makes me very proud. If you still have questions and would like some more help when ordering your pet portrait, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

View my prices and sizes for pastel, oils and colorful oil pet portraits right here. By scrolling down the page you will also be able to read more information and even place a deposit to secure you place on my waiting list. I may increase my prices more than once a year, take the opportunity and order as soon as possible!

Use the drop down list to convert to your currency:

Larger Sizes Avaliable! Would you like bespoke framing or a larger size? Please contact me for quotes.

What's Included in Prices

I do not charge additional fees for painting or drawing multiple animals, full body portraits or scenic backgrounds, eveything is included in my prices. However there are some limitations to which sizes would be suitable depending on your wishes. If you are unsure about which size to choose, contact me for advise whether your requirements will fit a size or not. I'm happy to help!

Shipping and Packaging

Sweden shipping is kr 400 (size 9"x 9" or less is kr 300)
Europe shipping is kr 480 (size 9"x 9" or less is kr 350)
Worldwide shipping is kr 560 (size 9"x 9" or less is kr 400)

I have a waiting list. Contact me for current delivery dates if you have a deadline. All portraits are packed carefully to help prevent any damage, sent with FedEx first class service door-to-door delivery. Once the package is sent it arrives within a few days in Europe and 3 up to 7 days overseas.

!!! Observe that shipping takes longer around Christmas. Need a Christmas Portrait? Order Now!!!

The Process

  • Send me a message with your requirements and photos to katja@pet-art.net. I will answer shortly.
  • Do you need to take new photos? Visit my information for photography tips.
  • Pay the deposit down this page to be included on my waiting list, it's only a small amount.
  • Once I know about your ideas and have seen your photographs, I will create a mock-up composition for you to review.
  • The waiting period begins, how long depends on my current client list. I will contact you once it's time to start.
  • Next stage is to pay a balance up to 50% of the amount for your portrait. Your canvas or paper will be ordered.
  • Your photo mock-up will be uploaded to the "On The Easel" section or via email if your prefer.
  • While I'm working on your portrait, I take photos and post them to my Art Dairy for you to follow the progress.
  • View and approve the final scan of your painting or drawing.
  • The portrait is framed if ordered.
  • Next stage is to complete the final payment, remaining 50%, shipping plus possible framing.
  • Your pet portrait is packed and shipped to your door.

Your Photos & My Mock-ups

Your photos are the most important aspect when you commission your pet portrait, the quality of my work absolutely depend on them. The photos must be large, sharp and clear. I usually don’t have the opportunity to meet and photograph the pets I paint and draw in person and so I only have your photos to guide me. Your photos is key and the better quality photos I receive, the better your portrait will be. Choose some of the best photos of your subject or consider taking new ones if possible. I look at one main photograph when painting, but would love to have a choice of several photos in order to see the true appearance and coloring. Below you can see an example of how I created an oil painting from a photograph provided by the client and my own mock-up based on her requirements.

photo to painting Photography Tips

Painting Progress and Final Scan

You will be able to follow the painting progress On The Easel or via email and make suggestions as I'm painting or drawing your portrait. It is a very popular feature and it's the perfect way to keep you updated at all times. I photograph the portrait in various stages and post them for you to see how far I've got in the process. I scan the final portrait and post it in my blog to ensure that you are happy with the completed portrait. Even though your portrait is considered completed by myself, you can still request alternations. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

photo to paintingVisit On The Easel

Pet Portraits As Gifts

Sometimes I have long waiting lists and can’t always work on tight deadlines for occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings or Christmas. If you are late for that special occasion or simply don’t have good enough photos of the subject you would like me to paint or draw, a popular service that I provide for clients are my Gift Voucher packages. To purchase a Gift voucher, simply Contact me with your details and I will set it up for you.

I offer two different Vouchers. First option: traditional beautifully designed quality package with gift box and voucher accompanied with promotional material, a professionally printed portfolio and business cards. Second option: a bespoke email voucher especially designed to suit the recipient. With your order I will need some basic information about the recipient. If you are ordering an email voucher package, I will also ask for details about how you would like me to design the personalized voucher. Once created, I will email the bespoke design for your approval.

pet portrait gift vouchers

Bespoke Framing

Take the chance to get your portrait framed with a framing which will enhance and protect it for generations. The bespoke framings are in high quality, provided by my professional framer and wholesaler. Visit my gallery with previously framed custom pet portraits to view examples. Also engraved plaques in gold, silver or bronze are available if you would like a special text placed on your framing.


Would you like to order a portrait? Secure your waiting list space now

Pay only a small amount to start! In order to start the process, you need to secure your space in my waiting list by making a deposit. An order is not complete before your pay the deposit, therefor it’s essential to secure your waiting list space as soon as possible, especially if you have a specific deadline for your artwork to be delivered. If you haven’t done so, please read about the entire portrait process above on this page.

The Deposit Amount I ask for

  • Pastel Drawing kr 1000
  • Oil Painting kr 2000
  • Colorful Oil Painting kr 250

You can also place a larger deposit or pay for the portrait in full if you prefer, contact me and I will send you an invoice. All you need to do is to choose medium in the drop down menu below and checkout. Before placing your order, please read the important terms and conditions. You will have to agree to them upon ordering. The deposit is refundable within 7 days before I start working on your portrait, minus a 5% fee taken by the Payment Gateways. Your payment is safe and secure, payments are done on VeriSign Trusted Servers with SSL Certificates. I accept most major credit or debit cards.

Pay Your Deposit, choose medium below


The Base Prices are in Swedish Kronor (SEK), Paypal will recalculate into your Currency.