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Katja Turnsek

Welcome to the information about me! I’m sure you ended up on this page because you wanted to know a little more about the person behind all paintings and drawings before commissioning a portrait, or perhaps you are a fellow artist?

I'm a professional pet portrait artist and here is a little about me, my family and how I started out my career. You can use the images below to navigate the different pages. See photos of my family including my dogs, read my biography and much more.

Where I live

I live in the country side, not far away from Gothenburg in Sweden. The small city where I'm located is Mölndal. Even if it doesn't feel like it, it's not far away from the second biggest city in Sweden. My surroundings are forests, lakes and meadows which gives me a peace of mind, but it still takes only a 10 minutes drive to the big city which can be very handy sometimes.

pet portrait artist

My Family and Origin

I live here in a small building complex with my family which consists of my husband, kids and one dog. My parents don't live far away from us, only a few minutes drive from here. They live near a beautiful lake and that's also where I grew up. Probably you wonder where my Family originally came from because neither my name or appearance is Swedish!?

My grandparents moved from Slovenia to Sweden a long time ago, when Sweden needed workforces. They settled down in Sweden and that's also why me and my family still live here. My grandfather moved back to Slovenia though and that's also what we attend to do it the future. Well, we have a house waiting for us there.

My Interests

I grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits and parrots so animals have always been a big part of my life. Right now I have two dogs, two Boder Collies Chatt and Ace. I lost my old Tervueren Radier a few years ago. I train Tricks, Agility and Obedience among other things and we are competing in Obedience and Agility.

Read more about Chatt and Ace below! I love music, fast cars and travel. I'm also very interested in soccer, but that's my son Daniel's fault. He is the one training soccer and made me interested :)

Katja Turnsek Portrait Artist

My Border Collie "Chatt"

I have had several dogs in my life before, but only Belgian shepherds. I recently and suddenly lost my 12 year old dog Raider, who was a Tervueren... he will be forever missed.

When I still had Raider, I started to look at other breeds to suit my ambitions and lifestyle. I finally came up with one breed which suited me perfectly, a Border collie. As my interest grew stronger I read allot about border collies, about their origin, mentality and different lines.

What kind of Border Collie?

At the end I had to choose which kind of Border collie I wanted to start with since I changed breeds, and finally ended up with a show line. That is because I wanted to start out carefully and not get a Border collie with too much drive to begin with.

Border Collie Chatt

An Import from Czech Republic

All breeds and even individuals are different so I thought it would be better to do all the wrong things with a simpler dog. I imported Chatt from kennel Deabei in Czech republic and I’m glad I did. I knew about this breeder for many years, since she also breeds Tervueren.

I will however get a working line border collie in a couple of years since I would like to start with herding, that is always something I wanted to do. Chatt came to our family at 3 months of age and I went to get him at the airport here in Landvetter. After all the paperwork was done, I got him in the crate and when I finally took him out I was so surprised!

He looked like he was painted, he was so beautiful, soft and cute. I loved him so much! Sure I saw him on the photos and video, but to see him in person was a whole different thing.

Why I chose Chatt

At first I wanted a black and white border collie and there were some males in the litter, but Chatt had more drive, some herding instinct and was almost fearless, he simply had the mentality I wanted in a dog, so I chose Chatt even though he was a blue merle.


Chatt turned out to be quite a workaholic and a fast learner, not quite the easy start I thought I would have. But I’m glad about that, we are training allot and both me and Chatt loves it.

What We do Together

We train tricks, obedience and agility. He knows allot of tricks which he already learned as a puppy, but right now we will focus on obedience and agility. We recently started to compete in highest level Obedience. Soon we will also start competing in Agility A2.

Chatt is a very creative dog, has a lovely temperament and loves do train. His favorite games is to play tug, but he also loves to fetch frisbee and balls. He is also food oriented and would do anything for a dry frolic. He is simply one of those dogs who are very easy to train.


My Border Collie "Ace"

Yes, it's easy to end of with more than one Border collir :). I like to have two dogs to live and train with, otherwise I just end up in training too much with that one dog. I also love to watch them run and play together outside on walks, they seem much happier when they have each other.

What kind of Border Collie?

This time I decided to get a working (herding) lined Border collie as I would like as much drive as possible. Drive doesn’t mean that the dog is creasy and jumping around, drive means high concentration while working and also interest in working longer times. Simply a dog which gives his all every single time.

Border Collie Ace

Why I chose Ace

Ace is bought from Kennel Trolleyes here in Sweden. Before I choose breeder, I chose both lines and lines within lines. I found a really nice combination by this breeder and that is why I ended up there. Before I made the first call, I knew what kind of dog I wanted to have. The breeder told exactly what I wanted to hear and my decision was made.

To make a long story short, I wanted a high drive dog without stress or fear. It was a large litter of 11 puppies, all very nice and even in temperament, but still Ace stood out from the crowd right away. I just loved that puppy, his high interest in me and his playfulness. Also, although less important he was the cutest.

What We do Together

We started our foundation training in both Agility and Obedience which also includes some body awareness tricks. He is great, a fast learner and just a lovely dog. He will work for just about anything, treats, social rewards and tugging! Ace just got first price and won the competition in Obedience beginner level and soon we will complete in level two. We have very high ambitions, I won’t write just how high here.

Only time will tell how far we will get together. When Ace gets older we will also start herding and that is something I’m really looking forward to. I like new challenges in life and learn all about herding is.

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