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Pet-portraits-gallery: 6 pages

Pet Portraits in Oils by Katja Turnsek
Pet Portraits in Pastel by Katja Turnsek
Pop Art Pet Portraits in Oils Colorful & Modern
Dog Portraits - Katja's Custom Dog Drawings & Paintings
Cat Portraits - Katja's Custom Cat Paintings & Drawings
Horse Portraits from your photos by Artist Katja Turnsek

Commission-a-portrait: 12 pages

Pet Portraits Commission Information & Prices for Custom Portraits
Pet Portraits from Photographs - Photo tips, Requirements & Information
Materials Art Supplies I use for my Pet Portraits in Oils and Pastel
Pet Portraits High Quality Framing
Perfect Pet Portraits Framing
Warmish Pet Portrait Framing
Modern Pet Portraits Framing
Spatter Pet Portrait Framing
Gold Pet Portraits Framing
Rustic Dots Pet Portraits Framing
Ornate Pet Portraits Framing
Coldly Pet Portraits Framing
Double Deep Pet Portraits Framing
Slide Pet Portrait Framing
Timeless Pet Portrait Framing
White Rustic Pet Portrait Framing

Pet Portraits Testimonials - What my happy clients have to say

About-pet-portrait-artist: 2 pages

About Pet Portrait Artist Katja Turnsek
Katja's Biography - How I started my Pet Portrait Business

Follow Your Pet Portraits In Progress On The Easel

Contact Pet Portrait Artist Katja Turnsek

Terms, Conditions & Privacy for Commissioned Pet Portraits

Contact Katja Turnsek for a Pet Portrait Today

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you