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Dog portraits, cat portraits & horse portraits in detailed pastel

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Welcome to my gallery with pet portraits in detailed soft pastel, my name is Katja Turnsek.

I create exquisite traditionally hand painted pet portraits in soft pastel on Pastelmat paper, working full time on commission painting dogs, cats, horses and occasionally other animals and people as well.

If you would like to have a portrait painting done by me, start looking for your favorite high quality photo.

I will create a painting you will love!

pastel pet portraits

A true work of art

All About Detailed Pastel Portraits

Pastel Painting Techniques

Pastel is a dry medium, applied with soft pastel sticks and pencils, then blended together with various methods. I use Senniler Soft Pastels and Panpastel for bigger areas and Derwent and Faber Castell Pastel pencils for fine details.

The detailed pastel portraits are painted on Pastelmat paper which enables a perfect balance between softness and sharp details where they are needed. Your detailed pastel portrait will be painted with great accuracy and detail, combined with softness, lights and vibrancy.

Portrait Orientations and Backgrounds

Depending on your reference photos, I will create either a portrait, landscape oriented or squared painting for you. The artwork might have a scenic background of your choice with or without your own favorite landscape picture or just a plain and simple mottled one.

Your dog might love to run in the woods, or maybe you have a cat that loves to play with her toys? Don’t worry if you don’t have that one perfect photo for me to use as reference, even several good quality photos can be combined into one mock-up and later onto a large painting.

Completely Custom Made for You!

The pastel painting of your pet will be 100% custom-made and created with help of your own wishes and ideas.

A Work of Art: Not Just A Copy of Your Photo

My paintings are created with great light, vibrancy and softness, all from large areas to tiniest details.

Pastel painting does not refer to pale colors as many may think, they have a wide variety of color range from very subtle to bold, strong and brilliant to gentle and soft.

Pastel can with proper workmanship achieve the most wonderful paintings. Soft backgrounds combined with sharp details, creates the perfect entirety which is crucial for a beautiful portrait.

Now when you've read about what my detailed pastel portraits are all about...

Would you like an AMAZING portrait of your own much loved pet?

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