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Welcome to my gallery with pet portraits in oils, my name is Katja Turnsek.

I create exquisite traditionally hand painted pet portraits in oils on professionally stretched gallery-wrapped linen canvas, working full time on commission painting dogs, cats, horses and occasionally other animals and people as well.

If you woul like to have a portrait painting done by me, start looking for your favorite high quality photo.

I will create a painting you will love!

oil pet portraits

A true work of art

All About Oil Portraits

There are allot more paintings to see after this interesting information!

Portrait Orientations

Depending on the reference photos you provide for the project, I will create either a portrait, landscape oriented or squared painting for you. The artwork might have a scenic background of your choice with or without your own favorite landscape picture or just a plain and simple mottled one.


Your dog might love to take a swim at the local beach, or maybe you have a cat that loves to rest on her favorite sofa? Don’t worry if you don’t have that one perfect photo for me to use as reference, even several good quality photos can be combined into one mockup and later onto a large painting.

If you would like to have a scenic background but can’t provide with a photo, I will be more than happy to find one suitable for you.

Completely Custom Made for You!

When commissioning a portrait in oil of your treasured pet, the painting will be completely custom-made and created with help of your own ideas and wishes.

My Preferred Medium

I have been painting pets for decades and I have my own unique style of creating commissioned art. Oils are definitely my preferred medium for portraying any animal or subject for that matter.

An artist can achieve just about anything with this wonderful medium, creating a unique style, incredible likeness, eye expression, soft fur, color harmony, great light, well the list just goes on and on.

A Work of Art: Not Just A Copy of Your Photo

My paintings are created with great movement and expression, all from visible large strokes to tiniest details.

The oil paintings are both painterly and realistic, showing a strong sense of brushstrokes combined with details where they are needed. You will receive a work of art, not just a copy of your photograph.

My aim is to bring out the subjects’s characteristics and likeness at the same time as I create a lively, vibrant and luminous painting. You will receive a pet portrait created with a truly unique style, painted in "Alla Prima" also called "Premier Coup".

Now when you've read about what my oil portraits are all about...

Would you like an AMAZING portrait of your own much loved pet?

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A true work of art

Would you like to know how I paint?

The Painting Technique

I work with a structured approach, go directly for the final effect and complete each panting while the paint is still wet. I pre-mix most of the colors before I start, painting with a limited palette in order to create great color harmony, depth and light.

High-end Artwork with a Wow Factor

There is no grater medium for a pet portrait than oils on canvas, the effects, realism and lifelike essence this medium achieves is truly amazing. If you would like to invest in an impressive and luxurious work of art, this is the medium for you. Oil portraits are solid, lasts for generations, are easy to maintain and my work always become the most important part of a room.

Using Art Supplies of Highest Possible Quality

Only the highest quality linen canvases are used for my oil portraits, the smooth Italian extra fine grained surface is my absolute favorite. The canvas is gallery-wrapped, stretched to wooden 21mm stretcher bars. The oil colors I use are from Winsor & Newton and Rembrandt, traditional artist oil colors of musesum quality.

You can have your portrait framed, however if you would wish to hang your oil portrait without framing, let me know before I start painting your portrait and I will make sure to paint the edges as well.

Watch Your Painting Develop...

Step by step "On The Easel"

All my clients can follow the progress of each art work On The Easel where I upload photos I took while I was painting. There is no special count of how many stages I display of each painting I create, sometimes I just continue to work while I’m inspired and lost in time.

However, since my aim is to work closely with each client I will post at least a few work in progress stages and also the final scan for you to view. You are always welcome to request minor changes even once the portrait was considered completed by myself.

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