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Packaging Artwork to Prevent Damage

For me it's very important to pack the Frame-ready and the Framed Portraits right to help prevent any damage when I send them. I can't imagine how devastating it would be if anything happened to any portrait I send to my clients.

I spend so many hours behind the easel with each portrait and there is only one unique copy of that particular portrait in the world. That portrait can never be replaced, that's why it's so important to pack right. I have been packaging my painted portraits in one other way.

I created cardboard boxes for the portraits which were wrapped in bubble wrap before packed into the box. That was a perfect way of packaging, but it took too many hours so I had to find another way.

I still spend allot of time packaging though, mostly it takes several hours for each portrait. The images below show the steps I take when I pack the portraits before they are shipped. My Mounted/Matted Portraits and Prints are packed the same way.

Pack artwork - Step 1

Step 1

Pack artwork - Step 2

Step 2

Pack artwork - Step 3

Step 3

Pack artwork - Step 4

Step 4

Pack artwork - Step 5

Step 5

Pack artwork - Step 6

Step 6

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