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Horse Pet Portraits by Katja Turnsek

I get commissioned to create horse portraits not only by horse owners, but by horse lovers too. Horses are amazing animals that become a part of your family, so why not have a portrait done by a professional equestrian artist? It has been a tradition in many families to have portraits of their horses to adorn the walls of their drawing rooms, bedrooms, or offices. You may never have had the opportunity to own a horse, but you can surely commission original horse paintings at very reasonable prices.

You can commission me to create conté pastel, traditional oil or coloful pop art portraits of your beloved horse. Just send large and clear photographs, so that I can see both body features and some detail. While creating portraits I focus mainly on the eyes so that the true character of your horse is reflected in the painting. So, if you are planning to have original horse portraits to adorn the walls in your home or office, then contact me now. I also create pet portraits of dogs and cats, feel free to visit my main gallery.

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