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Cat Portraits Hand Painted & Drawn by Katja Turnsek

My name is Katja Turnsek and I have created lovely cat portraits on commission for many years. I specialize in traditionally hand painted and drawn portraits in Oils, Pastel and Colorful Oils. Are you planning to gift yourself or your loved ones with a cat portrait? Then you have come to the right place. The whole package can be arranged for you, from our initial contact right through to beautifully crafted bespoke framing.

Cats are more than just furry balls of fun. They are a bundle of emotions, which makes them truly special subjects for pet portrait artists. I don't get commissioned to paint cats as often as dogs, but the love and life spread by a cat is no less than that by any other pet. I would really love to create more portraits of cats, don't hesitate to contact me with your requirements.

If you are a cat lover and want to gift cat portraits to your loved ones on their birthday or any other occasion then I would love to paint or draw a custom arranged portrait for you! The cat paintings that I create are hand-painted and based on the photographs you send. My artworks are life-like with the focus on the eyes as the eyes are the windows to the soul. Get in touch with me now to commission an original painting or drawing of your own beloved cat.

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Cat Portrait Information

Cat Paintings in Oils & Cat Drawings in Pastel

Here you can see a small gallery with cat paintings in oils and some cat drawings I have created in pastel as well. The studio is right in my home and I’m located in Sweden, professionally creating custom portraits on commission for clients worldwide. Only finest quality artist paints are used as I create my oil paintings, both for the traditional and colorful.

I use bespoke professionally stretched linen canvases of the highest quality for my traditional oil paintings. However, the colorful cats in oils are very affordable and I use cotton canvas as a base for them. The cat drawings in pastel are created on high quality colored or white Canson Mi Tientes Touch paper. This paper has a perfect balance between texture and tooth for the style I want to achieve. Which paper color we choose together usually depends on your photo and if you would like a warm or cool entirety for your cat portrait.

Framing for your Cat Portraits

Beautifully rendered cat portraits deserves framing of highest quality. Therefor I can offer framing along with your portrait as a complete package. I have been working closely with a local framer and wholesaler for many years. We will find a perfectly suitable bespoke framing for you, guaranteed. Visit my framing gallery to see examples of framed cat portraits.

Your Cat Portrait from Line to Life

You can watch your commissioned cat portrait develop from first line to life right on your screen, comfortably from anywhere and at any time. I have my Art Diary where I upload progress photos of various stages as I paint or draw your artwork. How many stages you will see depends on what kind of portrait you commissioned. Typically my traditional oil paintings have more stages than my pastels. However, my colorful oil portraits are usually only updated once as I create them in one or two days.

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Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you