Dog Portrait of Faxe in Progress

1st and 2nd Stage Yesterday I started up a new portrait! This pastel drawing is of dog Faxe in size 22x22cm, drawn on white Canson Mi Tintes Touch paper. I […]

Cat Portrait in Oils of TigerLily

The Final Scan The cat portrait of TigerLily in oils on Linen canvas is now finally completed. I scanned the painting yesterday in two parts and puzzled the pieces together […]

Cat TigerLily In Oil – Next Stages

I have been working on TigerLily’s portrait for a few more days and took some more photos while painting her. View next two stages below! As I’m writing this, the […]

Blocking In Stage of Cat TigerLily

This is the blocking in stage of cat TigerLily in oils. The photos are a bit blurry unfortunately, however we have a rainy day and it’s very dark in the […]

Initial Sketch of Cat TigerLily in Oils

I’m finally back from my vacation and we had such a great time in Slovenia! For the first time in many years, I actually felt sad about leaving. When we […]

Pet Portrait in Oils – Final Scan of Mazie

The pet portrait of Mazie is finally completed! This oil painting is painted on the edges and the size is 12″x14″. As always, I used a professionally stretched Italian Linen […]

Framed Pet Portrait of Labrador Klas

Today I framed the completed pet portrait of Labrador Klas. Klas is drawn in pastel, size 40x40cm. Since my local framer took some time off and went on a well […]

Pet Portrait of Labrador Klas in Pastel

Today I completed the next pet portrait in line! This is the Labrador named Klas in pastel, drawn in size 40x40cm. Me and the client decided to use a grey-colored […]

Next Stage of Labrador Klas in Pastel

I continued to work on Klas the black labrador, throughout the day. He is almost completed at this moment, however the photos below were taken several hours before. On Monday […]

Zorba’s Pastel Portrait Almost Done

Just a quick update! Zorba’s pastel portrait is almost done, I quickly took some photos of the drawing while drawing at my easel today. Tomorrow I will scan the portrait […]