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oil portrait flat coated retriever laddie

Oil Portrait of Flat Coated Retriever Laddie

Yesterday I finally completed the oil portrait of Flat Coated Retriever Laddie. I scanned the painting in two parts and puzzled the pieces together into one digital picture…

oil portrait progress flat coated retriever laddie

Dog Portrait in Progress – Laddie in Oils

Work In Progress Stage 4 I painted yet another stage of dog Laddie in oils, a lovely Flat Coated Retriever. This time I started to add some detail…

Flat coated retriever laddie in progress

Laddie in Oil – Next Work in Progress Stages

I’ve continued to work on Laddies portrait in oil, view the work in progress stages below. This stage is what I call the “blocking in stage”, however I…

Framed dog oil portrait oliver

Framed Dog Portrait in Oil of Oliver

Today I went to collect the framed oil portrait of Oliver. I brought the painting to the framer yesterday and they actually framed it the same day! I’m…

dog Laddie in oil initial sketch

Initial Sketch of Laddie in Oil

Today I started up a new oil portrait and this is the initial sketch. The portrait is of Flat coated retriever “Laddie”. She will be painted in a…

Dog portrait in oil oliver

Dog Portrait in Oil of Oliver

Final Scan Now I’ve finally completed the oil portrait of Oliver. It took a few more working days than predicted, however I need to be completely happy with…

Dog portrait oils progress oliver

Dog Portrait in Progress – “Dark Layer” of Oliver

Stage Three This is the dog portrait I’m currently working on, of Oliver. I painted yet another layer, this time the darkest layer in the painting process. It’s…

dog oils progress

Dog in Oils – Blocking In Stage of Oliver

Yesterday I continued to work in Oliver’s oil portrait. I blocked in the entire canvas with paint. At first I toned the entire canvas with a thin premixed…

Oil painting dog oliver

Oil Portrait of Dog Oliver – Initial Stage

Today I started up a new oil painting! This is the initial stage of Oliver, first drawn with a pencil and then painted with brownish (raw umber) acrylics….

Spaniel portrait pastel faxe

Dog Portrait of Faxe in Pastel

Yesterday I completed the little pastel portrait of Faxe. I scanned and edited the digital image to make it look as close to the original as possible. This…

Dog portrait progress face

Dog Portrait of Faxe in Progress

1st and 2nd Stage Yesterday I started up a new portrait! This pastel drawing is of dog Faxe in size 22x22cm, drawn on white Canson Mi Tintes Touch…

Cat portrait painting oils

Cat Portrait in Oils of TigerLily

The Final Scan The cat portrait of TigerLily in oils on Linen canvas is now finally completed. I scanned the painting yesterday in two parts and puzzled the…

Cat Portrait in Progress TigerLily

Cat TigerLily In Oil – Next Stages

I have been working on TigerLily’s portrait for a few more days and took some more photos while painting her. View next two stages below! As I’m writing…

Cat TigerLily in Oil Work in Progress

Blocking In Stage of Cat TigerLily

This is the blocking in stage of cat TigerLily in oils. The photos are a bit blurry unfortunately, however we have a rainy day and it’s very dark…

Initial sketch cat Tigerlily oils

Initial Sketch of Cat TigerLily in Oils

I’m finally back from my vacation and we had such a great time in Slovenia! For the first time in many years, I actually felt sad about leaving….