Pastel Portrait of German Shepherd In Progress

Izzy’s Portrait I have been working on the latest portrait commission which will serve as a Christmas Gift. I photographed while drawing and downloaded all the pictures from my camera […]

Oil Portrait of Flat Coated Retriever Laddie

Yesterday I finally completed the oil portrait of Flat Coated Retriever Laddie. I scanned the painting in two parts and puzzled the pieces together into one digital picture for you […]

Framed Dog Portrait in Oil of Oliver

Today I went to collect the framed oil portrait of Oliver. I brought the painting to the framer yesterday and they actually framed it the same day! I’m so happy […]

Initial Sketch of Laddie in Oil

Today I started up a new oil portrait and this is the initial sketch. The portrait is of Flat coated retriever “Laddie”. She will be painted in a simple winter […]

Dog Portrait in Oil of Oliver

Final Scan Now I’ve finally completed the oil portrait of Oliver. It took a few more working days than predicted, however I need to be completely happy with the outcome […]

Dog in Oils – Blocking In Stage of Oliver

Yesterday I continued to work in Oliver’s oil portrait. I blocked in the entire canvas with paint. At first I toned the entire canvas with a thin premixed yellow color. […]

Dog Portrait of Faxe in Pastel

Yesterday I completed the little pastel portrait of Faxe. I scanned and edited the digital image to make it look as close to the original as possible. This portrait is […]