Framed Cat Portrait in Pastel of Mysan

Today I went to collect the framed cat portrait in pastel of Mysan. As this portrait was created for a returning client, we choose the same framing as for the […]

Pastel Cat Portrait of Mysan

This is the completed pastel cat portrait of Mysan. The size of this portrait is  30x25cm, created on PastelMat paper. This paper is my new trusted friend! I scanned it […]

Framed Pet Portrait of Cocker Spaniel Gucci

I’m behind in my blog, however I wanted to share some photos I took last week. This is the framed pastel pet portrait of Cocker Spaniel “Gucci”. The painting  served […]

Pastel Pet Portrait Golden Retriever in Progress

Pastel Backgrounds Yesterday I painted the background on this pastel pet portrait. I love doing blurry scenic backgrounds and many times they’re  added or tweaked to the photo in photoshop […]

Pet Portrait in Pastel Cocker Spaniel

Final Scan Yesterday I completed the pet portrait in pastel of the cocker spaniel I have been working on lately. I scanned the painting in 6 parts and puzzled the […]

Cocker Spaniel Pastel Portrait in Progress

So, I’ve continued working on the cocker spaniel pastel portrait today and nearly completed the entire background. Now I have to invent both all reflection colors in the coat and […]

Pet Portrait Packaging – New Photos

How I pack framed pet portraits This post is about pet portrait packaging with step by step photos I took today. The packed portrait of arab horse Wangelisa will be […]