Yesterday I finally completed the oil portrait of Flat Coated Retriever Laddie. I scanned the painting in two parts and puzzled the pieces together into one digital picture for you to view the final outcome.

Each time I scan a portrait I need to edit the picture in photoshop for at least one hour in order to make it look at least somewhat like the original. I really need a better scanner :P.

I absolutely love this painting! I was a bit sceptic about how the painting will look before I started to paint, however I’m very pleased with how it turned out. There is so much personality in this picture and that’s what its all about. The painting looks awesome here in the Studio.

Painting Final Brushstrokes

oil portrait laddie last brushstrokes

Last brushstrokes on Laddie’s oil portrait

Final Scan

oil portrait final scan

Oil portrait of Laddie – Final scan

portrait final scan

Final scan of Laddie’s portrait – Close up

View Previous Progress Photos of Laddie’s Portrait

Initial sketch
Blocking in stages
Preparing details