New Website, Brand and Studio Photos

New Website

As you’ve probably already seen, I recently uploaded a new website! I have been working on this for a whole year, in between commissions. Simply worked when I had some spare time or on weekends when I had no agility competition with my dogs.

I closed down my previous company Katja’s Art Studio and opened a new one, with the name PetArt with Heart. The new name is my brand and it has a story behind it. I’m still working on everything, so this website is only version 1, allot of things will change as I go.

It feels great to have done a complete working schedule now as well, so now I know exactly what do to that particular day, plus more if I can of course. Even artists needs to be organized, otherwise nothing gets done really :).

New PetArt with Heart website
New PetArt with Heart website

Studio Photos

When I first uploaded my new website, I still didn’t have any new photos of my portrait studio (where I paint all my portraits). So, now I’ve done that, view my studio and¬†surroundings page here.

One thing at the time, I will add photos of my surrounding areas as I go. So be sure to come back and check that page next year (well the year is soon over).

I have only two more pet portraits to complete before I take some vacation from painting, I need to reload my batteries.

PetArt with Heart Studio
PetArt with Heart Studio

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