Dog Portrait in Oil of Oliver

Final Scan Now I’ve finally completed the oil portrait of Oliver. It took a few more working days than predicted, however I need to be completely happy with the outcome […]

Dog Portrait of Faxe in Pastel

Yesterday I completed the little pastel portrait of Faxe. I scanned and edited the digital image to make it look as close to the original as possible. This portrait is […]

Cat Portrait in Oils of TigerLily

The Final Scan The cat portrait of TigerLily in oils on Linen canvas is now finally completed. I scanned the painting yesterday in two parts and puzzled the pieces together […]

Pet Portrait in Oils – Final Scan of Mazie

The pet portrait of Mazie is finally completed! This oil painting is painted on the edges and the size is 12″x14″. As always, I used a professionally stretched Italian Linen […]

Framed Pet Portrait of Labrador Klas

Today I framed the completed pet portrait of Labrador Klas. Klas is drawn in pastel, size 40x40cm. Since my local framer took some time off and went on a well […]

Pet Portrait of Labrador Klas in Pastel

Today I completed the next pet portrait in line! This is the Labrador named Klas in pastel, drawn in size 40x40cm. Me and the client decided to use a grey-colored […]

Framed Dog Portrait Viruta

Ornate Frame Today I finally went to collect the framed dog portrait of Viruta. She is painted in traditional oils on Italian extra fine grained linen canvas. The canvas i […]