Framed Cat Portrait in Pastel of Mysan

Today I went to collect the framed cat portrait in pastel of Mysan. As this portrait was created for a returning client, we choose the same framing as for the […]

Pastel Cat Portrait of Mysan

This is the completed pastel cat portrait of Mysan. The size of this portrait is  30x25cm, created on PastelMat paper. This paper is my new trusted friend! I scanned it […]

Framed Pet Portrait of Cocker Spaniel Gucci

I’m behind in my blog, however I wanted to share some photos I took last week. This is the framed pastel pet portrait of Cocker Spaniel “Gucci”. The painting  served […]

Pet Portrait in Pastel Cocker Spaniel

Final Scan Yesterday I completed the pet portrait in pastel of the cocker spaniel I have been working on lately. I scanned the painting in 6 parts and puzzled the […]

Framed Dog Portrait of Border Collie Trixa

Chelsea City Moulding This is the framed dog portrait of border collie Trixa. She is a really beautiful dog,  portrayed in conte pastel on grey  Canson Mi Tientes Touch paper. […]

Arab Horse Portrait in Oils

Final Scan of Wangelisa This is the latest portrait off my easel, the arab horse portrait in oils on linen canvas. Her name is Wangelisa and she is such a […]

Pencil Sketch of Slovensky Kopov

Drawing of Lizzie The first portrait off the easel this year is Lizzie, a Slovensky Kopov dog. She is drawn with graphite pencils on Fabriano Artistico paper in size 30x25cm. This […]

Border Collie Pastel Portrait – Trixa

Final Scan of Trixa This is my recently completed artwork, a  border collie pastel portrait of “Trixa”.  She is drawn on grey Canson Mi Tientes Touch paper in size 35x30cm. […]

Dog Portrait in Oils of Sadie

Completed Portrait This is the latest dog portrait in oils which I completed yesterday.  Sadie is a cute little dog portrayed on her bed with a pattern and parts of […]

Oil Portrait of Yorkshire Terrier Ferguson

Final Scan of Ferguson Yesterday I completed the oil portrait Ferguson, the Yorkshire terrier. I edited the scan to look as close to the original as possible, I could have […]

Oil Portrait of Flat Coated Retriever Laddie

Yesterday I finally completed the oil portrait of Flat Coated Retriever Laddie. I scanned the painting in two parts and puzzled the pieces together into one digital picture for you […]

Framed Dog Portrait in Oil of Oliver

Today I went to collect the framed oil portrait of Oliver. I brought the painting to the framer yesterday and they actually framed it the same day! I’m so happy […]