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Initial sketch cat Tigerlily oils

Initial Sketch of Cat TigerLily in Oils

I’m finally back from my vacation and we had such a great time in Slovenia! For the first time in many years, I actually felt sad about leaving….

Oil portrait dog progress base stage

Oil Portrait in Progress – Base Stage of Mazie

Even though I said I will upload next stage of Mazie on Monday, I continued to paint on Mazie’s painting on Friday and also decided to work this…

oil portrait blocking in stage mazie

Oil Portrait of Mazie – Blocking in Stage

Today I continued to work on Maize’s oil portrait. I had so much fun painting her and so I totally forgot to photograph a stage in between! I…

dog portrait oil progress mazie

Dog Portrait in Oil – Sketching Stage of Mazie

Today I started up the last dog portrait I have to complete before my vacation. Mazie will be painted in traditional oils and like always, I use a…

Labrador portrait work in progress

Next Stage of Labrador Klas in Pastel

I continued to work on Klas the black labrador, throughout the day. He is almost completed at this moment, however the photos below were taken several hours before….

Labrador pastel portrait progress klas

Labrador Pastel Portrait of Klas Initial Sketch

Yesterday I started up a new portrait and this is the initial sketch. Klas is black labrador and will be drawn in size 40x40cm on grey Canson Mi…

Zorba's portrait almost done

Zorba’s Pastel Portrait Almost Done

Just a quick update! Zorba’s pastel portrait is almost done, I quickly took some photos of the drawing while drawing at my easel today. Tomorrow I will scan…

Zorba in pastel next progress stage

Dog Zorba in Pastel Next Stage

This is next stage of dog Zorba in pastel. The  portrait already looks quite impressive because of it’s size, even though I have allot of work left on…

Zorba dog pastel portrait sketching stage

Sketching Stage of Zorba in Pastel

For my last birthday I received a lovely gift from my sister Marina; a trip to London. My sister, mother and I went for four days together and…

Dog portrait in progress Viruta

First Detail Stage of Viruta in Oils

At this stage I started to add some more detail to the oil painting of Viruta. I still have allot of work left to do, however now it’s…

Virtua's oil portrait in progress

Dog Painting In Progress of Viruta: Stage 3

This is the third progress post and second blocking in stage of Viruta. I’ve continued to add more color and blocking in the oil painting, by each stage…

Virtua's oil portrait in progress

Dog Painting In Progress of Viruta: Stage 2

This is the second progress, blocking in stage of Viruta. After I filled the entire canvas with a thin layer of premixed orange oil paint I started to…

Virtua's oil portrait in progress

Dog Painting In Progress of Viruta: Stage 1

This is the first work in progress stage of Viruta. I started up this  new dog painting in oils yesterday, here you can view the first sketch made…