Cat Portrait in Oils of TigerLily

Cat portrait painting oils

The Final Scan

The cat portrait of TigerLily in oils on Linen canvas is now finally completed. I scanned the painting yesterday in two parts and puzzled the pieces together in order to create a digital images of it. Oils are very interesting as the colors vary depending on the lighting conditions in the room. So, when I edit the digital image looking at current colors it looks the same one day, however when looking at the digital image next day… it looks so wrong.

Right now I’m not happy with how I adjusted the colors. Unfortunately it’s impossible to show the true image on the computer screen, however it’s better than nothing at all! I just love the combination of a painterly style and tiny details where they are needed. I hope you like the fina outcome! Let me know.

Cat Portrait in Oils TigerLily
Cat Portrait in Oils – Final Scan
Cat Portrait in Oils TigerLily
TigerLily – Final Scan Close-up

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