Agility Pet Portrait in Oil

This is my latest agility pet portrait in oil. I just completed Jedi’s oil painting painted on Italian Linen canvas in size 24″x16″. Before I started to paint, I created […]

Newfoundland Dog Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait of Mitzy in Oils Welcome to my last commissioned Newfoundland dog pet portrait of Mitzy. I completed this oil painting just yesterday and it will be on its […]

Dog Oil Painting Clothes

Milou’s Portrait Some time ago I created my very first dog oil painting clothes commission. This portrait is in size 40x50cm and took me a while to complete. I couldn’t […]

Cat Pastel Portrait – Solo

I recently completed a cat pastel portrait of lovely Solo. This portrait is once of the smaller sizes I have available to commission, 35x25cm. The cat portrait was commissioned by […]

Pet Portrait in Oils Boston Terrier Bella

This is my lastest completed pet portrait in oils of Boston Terrier Bella. The size of this panting is 12″X12″, so I’ve included as much detail as I could for […]