dog painting clothes

Dog Oil Painting Clothes

Milou’s Portrait Some time ago I created my very first dog oil painting clothes commission. This portrait is in size 40x50cm and took me a while to complete….

Dog Portrait Conté Pastel Golden Retriever

Dog Portrait Conté Pastel – Golden Retriever Goldy

Pastel Drawing This is one of my latest dog portraits in conté pastel, a Golden Retriever named Goldy. It is a little dog portrait in size 25x30cm drawn…

pastel portrait swedish lapphund

Conté Pastel Portrait of Swedish Lapphund Charlie

It has been a while since I updated my blog! Well I have been busy lately, however this client requested me to upload the conté pastel portrait of…

dog portrait pastel gordon setter

Dog Portrait in Pastel Gordon Setter Basco

This is my latest artwork, a dog portrait in pastel Gordon Setter named Basco. This portrait was commissioned by a client in Norway as a gift for his…

cat portrait pastel

Cat Pastel Portrait – Solo

I recently completed a cat pastel portrait of lovely Solo. This portrait is once of the smaller sizes I have available to commission, 35x25cm. The cat portrait was…

framed pastel dog portrait pharaoh hound

Framed Pastel Dog Portrait – Pharaoh Hound Rebel

Today I finally went to collect the framed pastel dog portrait of the Pharaoh hound “Rebel”. I took a while this time, however when we wait for something…

dog portrait pharaoh hound

Dog Portrait Pharaoh Hound Rebel – Final Photo

This is the final photo of dog portrait Pharaoh hound. As I’ve mentioned before, the size is 24″x18″ jus like the previous Pharaoh hund I painted. This pastel…

Paste portrait pharaoh hund rebel

Pastel Portrait Pharaoh Hound Rebel – Next 2 Stages

I’ve continued working on Rebel’s painting, the pastel portrait Pharaoh hound. Two new stages are available to view here. On the latest stage I was working mainly with…

pharaoh hound pastel portrait progress

Pharaoh Hound Pastel Portrait in Progress of Rebel

This is the second pharaoh hound pastel portrait in size 24″x18″ commissioned by the same client, this time of Rebel. A large detailed pastel painting created on Pastelmat…

pet portrait scottish fold cat oil

Scottish Fold Cat Oil Portrait – Final Photos

This is the Scottish fold cat oil portrait of Elseph completed today! I took a few photos and tried to edit them to look as close to the…

cat oil portrait scottish fold

Pet Oil Portrait In Progress – Scottish Fold Cat

I’ve continued to work on this lovely pet oil portrait and managed to create two new stages to blog about. This is an oil painting of Scottish fold…

scottish fold cat oil painting progress

Scottish Fold Cat Portrait in Oils – Sketching Stage

Yesterday I started up a new painting and sketched up the Scottish Fold cat portrait in oils. Well actually it’s still not an oil painting since I sketch…

pet portrait oils boston terrier

Pet Portrait in Oils Boston Terrier Bella

This is my lastest completed pet portrait in oils of Boston Terrier Bella. The size of this panting is 12″X12″, so I’ve included as much detail as I…

speed painting video pastel pharaoh hound

Pharaoh Hound Speed Painting Video

It’s finally here, the Time lapse video – Speed painting video of Pharaoh Hound Emerson! I uploaded the video on Youtube for you all to view. The painting…

boston terrier oil portrait progress

Boston Terrier Oil Portrait In Progress

This is the Boston terrier oil portrait in progress, currently on my easel. The size is 12″x12″, painted on professionally gallery-wrapped Italian linen canvas. Her namne is Bella….