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Katja's Biography

The idea suddenly popped up! After being involved in the web and graphic design industry for many years, portrait artist Katja Turnsek decided to follow her life passion and start painting animals and later also people as a full time artist.

Her unique feeling for capturing pets with accuracy, character, bringing the soul to the eye, quickly established her as a portrait artist which soon enough also progressed in creating Wildlife Art for Fine Art Prints. Katja's own words about her art are:

"A photo can never express the warm feeling like a hand painted work of art can, even though my work is created by looking at photos to a perfect likeness, it's not photo-realism I'm looking to achieve"

Katja is a many-sided person with proficiency within many areas. Perhaps its because she loves challenges and never takes the easy way out. Sometimes she laughs, calls herself a chameleon, and says:

"I can be whatever I want in my life. If I want to be an Artist, I can be one :) "

Katja is a Artist, Illustrator and Designer, born and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her current miniature company Katja's Art Studio is located right in her living room; her "job" is her life.

Even though the love of her life is creating artwork, she just couldn't stop working with web and graphic design entirely. Still, every now and then she creates logotypes and websites for clients or herself. First its crucial to create user-friendly websites and working with SEO for her own businnes.

Second, companies she used to work for, don't seem to be able to forget about Katja's way-out ideas and contact her for new projects. Katja has been painting and creating animal sculptures ever since she can remember. She got her first pet portrait commission when she was 13 years.

Since that time she did commissioned work every now and then, but she never thought of establishing her own business creating custom painted portraits. After graduating Art School year 1996, Katja was the only one claiming that it's way too hard making a living out from selling artwork. That claim was probably true, since internet wasn't spread like it is today.

Therefor she moved to Slovenia and found work as a designer in the company Logina. Katja had many job assignments in that company; everything from creating logotypes, touch-screen applications, flash animations, CD presentations and websites, to banners, ads, brochures and designing info-mat/ kiosk models.

In year 2004 Katja moved back to Sweden with her son and dog, she attended a self-employer study course and registered her company. It probably was her true call in life to paint especially animals, since pets always were a big part of her life. Katja said:

"I just adore animals, and expressing their soul and character gives me extreme satisfaction. An animal can give you so much pleasure, something I sense every day in my own dog"

Katja creates paintings and drawings in many different mediums, three of those are: oils, pencils, and pastels. There really is something special about Katja's work, she probably is a chameleon after all :)

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