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Art Materials for Commissioned Pet Portraits

I'm very careful about which art materials I use for my portraits. Since it takes many hours to create each portrait and it has to last for many years and even generations, it would be silly to choose anything else than the best art materials on the market.

Art materials are the basis of any artwork and my painting methods require the best quality brushes, canvases and paints I can possible get my hands on.

You will be able to enjoy your portrait for many years, and the art materials I use combined with my painting skill, creates the magical portrait you need!

stretched canvas

Oil Paintings

Oil Paints & Mediums

Not only canvas makes a perfect portrait, but also the paints used by each brush stroke. The Oil Colors I use for my portraits are the Winsor & Newton Artists, paints with a good reputation among professional artists for being unmatched for its reliability and quality.

Along with the paint, I'm also using the Winsor & Newton drying Linseed Oil and Turpentine. The high quality oil paint mixed with linseed oil and turpentine makes it easy for the brush to flow over the canvas.


It is significant to use right kind of brushes. Over the years I probably tested most brushes on the market, and still I have many different brands in my collection. The brushes I tend to use most, are the Da Vinci Nova. They hold lots of paint and are perfect for painting details with help of their long handles and long brushes.


Every artist know the joy of painting on a prefect canvas. There are tons of canvas surfaces out on the market today and the only way to know which ones are most suitable and in best quality, is to try them out.

Surely we all know there are many options on canvas surfaces out there, both cotton and linen canvases and even cheap canvas boards. Canvas boards has never been an option for me, so I started with trying out different stretched canvases right away.

None of my portraits has ever been painted on a canvas board! I used to stretch the canvases myself, but that was a time-consuming and hard task for me, especially when I wanted a gallery-wrapped canvas. Now, even though its more expensive, I let a professional company create bespoke canvases for me. As a professional artist I require the best quality custom hand-crafted canvases out there!

Your portrait will be painted on a high quality Belgian or Italian fine Linen Canvas, it is stretched on heavy wood, gallery-wrapped and hand-crafted by a professional. The Canvas can be painted on the edges and hung on the wall without framing.

Conté Pastel Drawings

Conté Crayons & Drawing Accessories

Conté crayons are available in many colors, however I use only a limited amount of colors for my portraits in this medium. The portraits are sketched in sepia with only two colors at the time.

Which colors are used, usually depend on the paper-color and subject. I use black, white, bistre and Sanguine to help me create a painterly styled portrait. Conté crayons are a dry drawing medium, created of compressed charcoal mixed with wax or clay. The sticks, which are very much like hard pastels are from the Conté company in Paris. Iuse two different brushes to smudge.


I may use several different kinds of papers for this medium, but I tend to use the Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Pastel Card most. This paper has a textured surface and is available in many tones.

My Working Space - My Little Studio

Here you can see a photo of my working Studio Area and some equipment I use for working at my 'one woman company' Katja's Art Studio. I’m working as a portrait artist from my home, so I don’t need to travel every morning to a regular job. I wake up in the morning, drink some coffee, and go out with the dog.

After all that has been done I read all incoming emails which I recieved by night. After over an hour it’s finally time to continue working on all my portraits. I really love my job because it's not only a job, it's a lifestyle.

It's really nice being able to work at home since it’s a calm environment and my dog don’t have to be home alone all days long. When I work I always listen to music. In fact I could never work without my music!

katja's art studio

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