Final Strokes on Spaniel Painting in Oils

Yesterday I completed the painting of two Spaniels waiting at the door and I took some photos of the last work in progress stage. The spaniels are currently drying here in my studio and I really like the outcome. I will scan the painting as soon as it’s dry enough and post the picture here in my blog for you to view. White oils dries slowly and there is allot of white here so I must wait a few more days.

I will now create a pastel portrait before I continue with next spaniel painting in line. In between I have also created two colorful oil paintings and I will post them here as soon as the last one dries. I have allot to complete before I go on my vacation.

Final Strokes on Spaniel Painting in Oils

Next Stage of Spaniels

This is next stage of Spaniels waiting at the door. I have blocked in the entire background and will continue with the dogs. One more layer of paint will be added to the background as well, but most work will be spent on the dogs from now on. The painting will be completed and scanned this week. In between this painting and next, I will complete a conté pastel drawing of two cats.

Pet Painting of Spaniels Waiting at The Door - Next Stage