Initial Stages of Asha, Maggie and Kiwi

Yesterday I started up three new dog oil portraits and continued with the work for a few hours today as well. The three dogs portrayed are Rough Collie “Maggie”, Mixed breed “Asha” and a Kooikerhondje named “Kiwi”. I always create my initial sketches with Acrylics and then continue with oil paints on all other stages. The first painting to be completed is the one of Asha with scenic background, a little painting which won’t take that many hours. Next in line is Rough Collie Maggie, commissioned by a dog training friend of mine. The reference photo was taken by my husband Tomi. I hope you will enjoy all the work in progress photos followed on my Art Diary for next few weeks.

Initial sketch of Rough Collie Maggie

Initial sketch of dog Asha in oils on canvas

Initial sketch of Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Kiwi in oils on canvas

Horse Portrait Drawing in Conte Pastel

This is a new horse portrait drawing I created as a sample for my website, so now I have one more horse left to do in this medium. The drawing is in size 40 x 50cm, drawn on grey Canson Mi Tientes Touch paper. I absolutely love this drawing and I hope it will serve as a nice sample for future clients to view. I didn’t update my conté pastel gallery with my latest portraits yet, but I will as soon as I complete the last horse portrait drawing. I also have some new dog portraits to add. Soon I will have to go back and work on my latest commissions, two oil paintings next. Lovely Asha with a scenic background and Maggie, a beautiful Rough collie.

Horse Portrait Drawing in Conte Pastel