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Clients Photos of Cat Drawing in Pastel

A few days ago I got several photos from a client here in Sweden of cat “Fluffan” checking out her portrait. She took the cat portrait to her local framer and choose a moulding looking as close to the framing “Coldly” as possible. I think the outcome is lovely! Some photos were also taken “in situ”. I get really happy when clients send me photos like these, wish all my clients would do that.

Clients Photos of Cat Drawing in Pastel

Dog Portrait in Conté Pastel – Labrador Retriever Jesse

Yesterday I completed this portrait, a drawing of Jesse in conté pastel. We decided to use a creme-yellow base to create a warm overall entirety. Like always I used Canson Mi Tientes Touch paper, a paper which I really love for my conté pastel drawings. It is very hard to scan portraits drawn on creme-yellow paper though, as the scanner finds too much Magenta in the blacks. Unfortunately because I have to edit the scan way to much in Photoshop some detail and lightest hues are lost. Also, the blacks are a bit cooler on the original. One day I will buy myself a better scanner, let’s just see how long that will take :).

Dog Portrait in Conté Pastel - Labrador Retriever Jesse

Original Matted Pencil Drawing With Giclée Prints

Today I got two Giclée Fine Art prints delivered which were ordered by the client. I took a photo with the original matted graphite pencil along with the prints for you all to view in my art diary blog. I don’t offer prints on my website anymore, but since this client always ordered prints of her portraits before, I was glad to do that for her.

Conte Pastel Portrait of Oldenburg Horse