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Initial Sketch of Newfoundland dogs in Oil

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Yesterday I created the initial sketch of the two Newfoundland dogs “Nalle & Azlan” in oil. I usually start on next portrait in line while I still paint on the previous one, just to be prepared. I just love to paint the sketch with acrylics! That is something I recently started with and will always do from now on. Acrylics make such nice effects. Now I don’t do anything special on these kind of paintings, since the canvas will be completely covered with oils anyway… but the possibilities really are endless. I will continue with TJ’s portrait tomorrow.

Initial Sketch of Newfoundland dogs in Oil

Next Stage of TJ in Oils

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

I’m way behind with both my blog and portraits lately. I have ben quite busy with other things which also must be done in the Studio, but decided to put some larger projects on hold to continue with painting and drawing for a while. I don’t like to have a long waiting list! So, this is how far I’ve got on Tj’s oil portrait. I hope you like it! I will soon also update the client-list here.

Dog Oil Portrait in Progress

First Stage of Little Terrier TJ

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

I created this sketch some time ago and thought ti would be time to post it in my blog. I waited with this since I wanted to show all stages of my previous work first, just to keep things organized here. I will continue with Tj’s portrait next week, hopefully even complete the painting then too. The sketch is painted with acrylics as I really love to work with oils over water based paint. Naturally the canvas is acrylic-primed, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Dog Oil Portrait in Progress

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