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Pet portrait artist Katja Turnsek has been painting pet portraits from photos professionally since 2005. Follow the painting progress, news and arty thoughts in this blog. Katja has two dogs of her own, which she loves very much :). Don't forget to sign up for Katja's Newletter and receive latest articles and news! You can also follow Katja on facebook: PetPortraitsArtist and Twitter: @KatjasArtStudio.

Dog Portrait in Oil – German Shepherd Georgie

Yesterday I completed the dog portrait in oil of German shepherd “Georgie”. The painting is in size 50 x 40 cm, painted alla prima on stretched gallery-wrapped linen canvas. My aim was to use large brushstrokes on outer areas to bring out a painterly and soft feel. I painted more important areas with both softness and detail. Color harmony is always something I want to achieve so nothing new there, but the backgrund needed to be a bit darker in order to bring out those highlights on right side. This painting will soon replace the old german shepherd painting on my website.

Dog portrait of German Shepherd in oil on linen canvas

Initial Sketch of Cat Mindy in Oils

As I usually do, I took a little break from the current painting I’m working on and sketched up the next painting in line, the portrait of lovely cat “Mindy” in oils on linen canvas. This is a small painting, but never less important. The initial sketch is painted with acrylics. Tomorrow I will continue with the portrait of Georgie and keep on working on that beautiful dog until it is completed.

Initial Stage of Cat Mindy in oil on linen canvas

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