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Pet portrait artist Katja Turnsek has been painting pet portraits from photos professionally since 2005. Follow the painting progress, news and arty thoughts in this blog. Katja has two dogs of her own, which she loves very much :). Don't forget to sign up for Katja's Newletter and receive latest articles and news! You can also follow Katja on facebook: PetPortraitsArtist and Twitter: @KatjasArtStudio.

Dog Portrait in Conté Pastel – Labrador Retriever Jesse

Yesterday I completed this portrait, a drawing of Jesse in conté pastel. We decided to use a creme-yellow base to create a warm overall entirety. Like always I used Canson Mi Tientes Touch paper, a paper which I really love for my conté pastel drawings. It is very hard to scan portraits drawn on creme-yellow paper though, as the scanner finds too much Magenta in the blacks. Unfortunately because I have to edit the scan way to much in Photoshop some detail and lightest hues are lost. Also, the blacks are a bit cooler on the original. One day I will buy myself a better scanner, let’s just see how long that will take :).

Dog Portrait in Conté Pastel - Labrador Retriever Jesse

Original Matted Pencil Drawing With Giclée Prints

Today I got two Giclée Fine Art prints delivered which were ordered by the client. I took a photo with the original matted graphite pencil along with the prints for you all to view in my art diary blog. I don’t offer prints on my website anymore, but since this client always ordered prints of her portraits before, I was glad to do that for her.

Conte Pastel Portrait of Oldenburg Horse

Conte Pastel Portrait of Oldenburg Horse “Romanov”

This is a conte pastel drawing of Oldenburg horse “Romanov”, drawn on grey Canson Mi Tinentes Touch paper. I created this portrait as a sample for my website from a photo taken by Suzanne de Lange, one of the first customers I ever had since I launched my website. I now have two more samples to do, but that will have to wait a bit as I have many commissions to complete. Perhaps I will draw them somewhere in between though. I still need two more reference photos of horses, if you have any nice photos I can use please send them to Thank you :).

Conte Pastel Portrait of Oldenburg Horse

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