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Initial Stage of Cats Bibi & Niko in Oils

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Yesterday I created the initial stage, a sketch of the two cats Bibi and Niko in oil. I will have to leave it to dry for some time and complete the painting next week. Several more stages will be uploaded here before I will scan the painting though, so keep coming back for more updates on this painting next week. Rest of this week will go to start and complete a montage pencil drawing. I have very busy weeks in front of me, but right now I will pack two portraits.

Cat Portraits in Oils

Cat Portrait in Oils – Black Cat Hoover

Monday, November 17th, 2014

This is the edited final scan of Hoover, the black cat in oils. I love this cat portrait, so full of life! It looks so nice here in the studio, even though it’s a quite small painting. I will now paint on the final layer of walnut oil and leave the painting to dry once again.

Cat Portrait in Oils - Black Cat Hoover

Framed Dog Portrait in Conté Pastel

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Last friday I went to collect the framed dog portrait of Maisey, drawn with Conté Pastels. The reason why I didn’t take any photos that day was because of the rain and I wanted to take them outside. However… it’s still raining and the weather has been this bad for a while, so I had to take the photos indoors anyway. This is how the portrait looks framed with moulding “Timeless“, I hope you like it.

Framed dog Portrait in Conté Pastel

Framed dog Portrait in Conté Pastel

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