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Next Stages of Dog Painting in Oils

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

This will be a traditional oil painting of Midge, Finnegan and Morgan. I have painted two more stages of the dog painting in oils, you can view all photos by scrolling down the page. I have also painted the first sketch of TJ which is the portrait up next, just to be prepared. The last picture below is of my Border collie “Chatt”. Now, because he is so smart, he thinks he would do a better job in painting than me. This is why he picked up the brush, but I think he would do better if he started out a painting of his own (just for fun).

Oil painting progress of three dogs

Oil painting progress of three dogs

Border collie painting a portrait

Back to Work! First Stage of Midge, Finnegan & Morgan

Friday, January 9th, 2015

I hope you all have had a great Holiday! We had a lovely time with the complete family, even my son was here for a visit. I have been back to work for the last few days, sketched up three oil paintings and this is one of them. The three dogs you see here are Midge, Finnegan & Morgan, painted infront of the lovely house where this painting will hang once completed and framed. Since my canvases are acrylic primed, I decided to start painting all my sketches with acrylic instead of oils. It proved to be a loot better base and there is no drying time at all. It even looks better, I’m so happy I tried that out!

Oil painting progress of three dogs

Conté Pastel Dog Portrait of Labrador Sasha

Monday, December 15th, 2014

This is the last drawing I created for Christmas, completed and scanned today. I used a warm toned grey Canson Mi Tinentes Touch paper as a base for Sasha’s portrait, she is black Labrador. I hope you like it! Now out for a long walk with my dog and then I need to pack all portraits, so I have allot of work left today and tomorrow.

Conté Pastel Dog Portrait of Labrador Sasha

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