Monthly Archives: May 2014

Initial Sketches of Next Pharaoh Dog Painting

I sketched up the three dogs on the large canvas and then painted the entire background the next day. At the end I ended up in taking all paint of the background off, since I didn’t like it. I then decided to draw a very simple sketch in pencil to see what I will actually paint (the large blocks and where the trees will be painted) and then I premixed some colors and painted a small background study in oil. So now I think I’m finally ready to paint this large background in Alla Prima. I actually love this little oil painting. Scroll down the page to view all pictures.

initial background studies

oil portrait painting in progress

oil portrait painting in progress

Pet Portrait in oil of Golden Retriever Maddie

So on friday I finally completed the pet portrait in oil of Maddie and today it was dry enough to scan. As you can see, she is a lovely Golden Retriever. I painted this portrait Alla Prima, a wet-in-wet technique. I love the finish with Alla Prima with all the visible brushstrokes, color harmony and light. Somehow these paintings look more alive and I hope you like it as much as I do. The painting now has to dry some more, before I can oil it out.

pet portrait in oil of Golden Retriever Maddie

Maddie in Progress, Four Stages

These are the progress images of Golden Retriever Maddie in oil. I have been painting for one more day after this and hopefully I will complete the painting today. The client has already seen the progress images, I just didn’t have time to upload them to my blog before now. I’m painting the portrait in alla prima, no drying between the layers of paint. I think this makes the portraits look more alive, don’t you?

painting in progress of pet portrait in oil