Daily Archives: 9 May, 2014

Maddie in Progress, Four Stages

These are the progress images of Golden Retriever Maddie in oil. I have been painting for one more day after this and hopefully I will complete the painting today. The client has already seen the progress images, I just didn’t have time to upload them to my blog before now. I’m painting the portrait in alla prima, no drying between the layers of paint. I think this makes the portraits look more alive, don’t you?

painting in progress of pet portrait in oil

Pet Portrait of Poodle Myran in Conté Pastel

This is a pet portrait in conté pastel which I created sometime ago, in size 50 x 40 cm. I drew this one on grey Canson Mi Tientes paper and used only black and white pencils, since I wanted to create a simple drawing. The dog is a large Poodle and her name is Myran. The client also decided to have it framed by my local framer and you can view some photos of the framing below. We used a double mount along with the “Rustic Dots” moulding.

Pet Portrait of Pudel Myran in Conté Pastel

Framed Poodle conté pastel portrait

Framed Poodle conté pastel portrait