Daily Archives: 6 May, 2014

Short Deadlines – Change of Plan

Hello everyone!

I have made some changes to my working schedule because of very short deadlines of two oil paintings. Even though I already started to work on both “Next up” portraits, they are right now on hold until end of May. Thought it would be best to explain what I’m up to. I will however complete the next portraits in June to get things rolling again. Yesterday I had to do my yearly accounts (which I hate to do), but now it’s all sent in and done… phew! Now back to work, I hope you can bare with me for some more time. Oh, Peter! I got my Hit it board for Agility training. Thank you so much for doing this for me! I have such nice clients, well you are!

Painting of Dogs in Oil

This is a oil painting was commissioned by a client in Russia and is in size 40 x 30 cm, so quite small for two dogs in full body and a background. Still a very nice painting and all painted in alla prima. The dogs names are Dixie & Hachi-ko, Dixie is an Alabai – Central Asian Shepherd and Hachi-ko is a Caucasian shepherd and Moscow dog cross breed. The nice background is of Baikal lake, where they live. The painting was arranged with help of three different photographs. Now I will arrange two prints and framing for the prints and original before I can send the painting.

painting of dogs in oil

painting of dogs in oil