Monthly Archives: April 2014

Dog Portrait in Oil of Cocker Spaniel Kenzie

Today I scanned the oil portrait of Cocker Spaniel Kenzie. This is a rather small portrait, but still a really lovely one. I just love everything about it! The color harmony, light, all soft edges, with a few hard ones to drive attention. The final stages all painted in one session – making each stroke count. A perfect combination of painterly feel and detail… I hope you love it too.

Dog Portrait in Oil of Cocker Spaniel Kenzie

Pet Portrait of Pharaoh Hound Griffyn in Oil

Today I completed and scanned the portrait of Pharaoh hound Griffyn in oil. Some parts are still very wet, so it was hard to edit the balance in hues and colors on the digital image. The original looks stunning though. I scanned this painting in six parts and puzzled them together in Photoshop. Well, at least you can see what the painting looks like. Once approved and dry enough, I will take the painting to my framer. Now back to work… I have four oil paintings, one pencil drawing and one conté portrait to complete by end of May and beginning of June.

Pet Portrait of Pharaoh hound Griffyn in Oil

Conté Portrait of Baby Victor

This is a Conté pastel portrait I created some time ago, but couldn’t show the drawing anywhere since we didn’t want to ruin the surprise. But finally… here is baby Victor, a very cute little boy. This portrait was a Wedding Gift from a returning client of mine.

baby pastel portraits