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Second Stage of Horses in Oil

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

It has been quite some time ago I posted any news on the huge oil painting  I’m currently working on. It’s because I drew the portrait in pencil of Bogart in between and after that my daughter got sick. She was home for over a week and that was pretty frustrating, surely it’s easier when people don’t have any children when they try to run a business at home :). Well, nothing to do about those things… but in Monday I finally started to paint the oil painting again. It was a long time ago I blocked in the entire canvas with a thin warm color, so it really had some time to dry completely.

After that, I painted all outlines once again and blocked in the horses with the first layer of paint. Tomorrow I will block in the background and that will be fun, so I can’t wait!

Oil painting of horses in progress

Oil painting of horses in progress