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This is the place where you can view the interesting progress of all commissioned pet and family portraits. If you commissioned a portrait or if you just love to follow my work you will be able to view all photos I post by each step here. This section was created for my clients who love to be a part of the painting progress and watch how the portrait is developing. Don't forget to participate by leaving a comment, no matter who you are!

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Initial Sketch of Cat Mindy in Oils

Posted by Katja Turnsek
April 30th, 2015

As I usually do, I took a little break from the current painting I’m working on and sketched up the next painting in line, the portrait of lovely cat “Mindy” in oils on linen canvas. This is a small painting, but never less important. The initial sketch is painted with [...]

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German Shepherd Portrait – Third Stage

Posted by Katja Turnsek
April 28th, 2015

This is the third stage of German shepherd Georgie in oils. I blocked in the dog with large brushes and then started to paint in some details. There is still allot of work left, but today I will complete the background and then continue to work my way in from [...]

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First Background Stage of Dog Portrait

Posted by Katja Turnsek
April 21st, 2015

Yesterday I painted first stage of the background and today I premixed all colors to be used for the entire painting. I like to do that work the day before, as I want to use all my working hours in a day just for painting. The paint on my canvas [...]

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