Welsh Terrier Dog Portraits in Oils by Katja Turnsek

Welsh terrier dog portraits in oil

Dog Portrait Commission Info

Holly contacted me to create a detailed portrait of Daisy, but initially she wasn't sure about which medium to choose. A the end she chose an oil portrait and new photographs were taken for this project. Holly is from USA, but since this was a gift for her brother and his partner's anniversary, this portraits final destination is UK.

Daisy is a wonderful Welsh terrier and it was a joy to paint her. Not only is she a beautiful dog, but I also loved the reference photograph. I painted the background light and blurry, the face and parts of the neck very detailed and the rest with larger and bolder brushstrokes. This really gave depth and dimension to this dog portrait.

Painting Information

Medium: Oil on Linen Canvas
Size: 35 x 30 cm
Year Painted: 2013
Subject: Dog / Welsh terrier / Daisy
Commissioned by: Holly Miller Jones, USA

The Reference Photograph of "Daisy"

It took a while, but I got some really nice new photos of Daisy to work from. I needed up in choosing this lovely picture. Perhaps not a traditional kind of portrait photo, but I loved the angle and feel in this one.

I lightened up, cropped and simplified the background in my mockup. No more adjustments were needed before I started to paint. But while I painted Daisy, I wanted to create a even lighter background and that is also what I achieved. My mockup is to the left and the original photo is to the right.

Reference Photo

Dog Portrait in Progress

Below you can view a few work in progress photos of this portrait. It is important for me that you understand the painting process at the same as you have a full input the entire time, that is why I’m prepared to spend some extra time in order to keep you regularly updated. I have had this feature for many years, even though I uploaded the progress images to a static html page at first. Now I use my portraits in blog for this exciting feature. If you do not wish to share your painting’s progress or the completed painting with the world, I can send you the progress images by email. Several clients decided to do this, especially famous ones.

Welsh terrier dog portraits in oil

Coming soon....
Holly Miller Jones