Montage Tervueren Pet Portraits in Graphite Pencil by Katja Turnsek

Tinted Pencil Montage portrait of Tervueren

Pet Portrait Commission Info

This is not a commission, it’s just a drawing I decided to create for myself. One of my own dogs Raider is getting old and I wanted to create a tinted montage drawing of him. The photos I used were the most memorable ones of Raiders life.

The portrait drawings were created on Fabriano Artistico paper, the new favorite paper of mine. As Raider has a nice red color in his coat, I didn’t think it was enough to use only graphite pencil and draw him all black & white.

That is why I decided to create a tinted montage drawing instead. I used Derwent colored pencils for the light coloring. The drawing will serve as a nice memorial of my own sweet dog Raider.

Drawing Information

Medium: Graphite Pencil & Colored Pencil
Size: 40 x 30 cm
Year Drawn: 2013
Subject: Dog / Tervueren / Raider
Commissioned by: no one

The Reference Photograph of "Raider"

For this mock-up I decided to use one main portrait in the middle and four smaller ones around it. I deleted most of the backgrounds and softened up all edges. For the main portrait I decided to just draw out some shadows in order to give an impression of some background. On others I decided to leave some of the grass.

Reference Photo