Gary & Taisho's Testimonial

I finally got the portrait of Taisho back from the framers' and it looks great! I put it on a wall in our master bedroom and had my wife close her eyes while I stood her right in front of it.

I told her this was her belated and now long-awaited birthday gift that she was surely going to love -- and so of course she couldn't imagine what it was -- and she was brought to tears.

It's such a lovely portrait. You really captured his character and this is a piece of art we'll cherish the rest of our lives.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and feel so lucky to have kept digging on the Internet until I found you -- all the way in Sweden.

The framers, who have seen it all, were really impressed with your work too. The eyes, the depth to the work -- they were pretty astonished.

Gary Rainville
Gary's Testimonial

Gary contacted me to create a graphite pencil drawing of his beautiful Norwegian Elkhound Taisho. This portrait was a gift to his wife and he did let her see the portrait first once it was already hanging on the wall. They were both delighted with the portrait I created for them and Gary was also

kind enough to send me some photos of Taisho next to his portrait. Taisho is not easy to photograph, but after some attempts Gary finally managed to take a photo. I was very happy that he went to much out of his way just to be able to send me a photo. I can't thank him enough!