Wendy & Alexander's Testimonial

Hi Katja,

I am speechless... It looks great!! It is completely him! I don't know how you did it, but you really captured his great looks, combined with his attitude and his lust for life.

He's a real survivor, with a great sense of humour who's always in for a joke (he loves to hide behind a corner and scare you when you walk by). You really did a great job, congratulations!

Kind regards,

Wendy Kerremans
Wendy's Testimonial

This is a portrait which I painted in pastel to reproduce as a Animal Fine Art Print. Alexanders owner Wendy agreed to let me use her photo as reference and she recieved a print for being so kind.

Wendy was kind enough to send me this wonderful photos which she photographed while Alex sneaked to have a look at his pastel portrait.

These photos are just priceless to me and are probably hard to get hold of, especially a special moment like this.

Wonder what he is thinking... he is a cat who really thinks he is something special and wonderful, which is true. Just look at him, he is so beautiful and special.