Line & Alice's Portrait Testimonial

Hi Katja!

The painting is absolutely fantastic, you've really captured my beautiful angel. Alice was my beloved soul mate, a very special little girl.

The loss of her is huge, but every time I walk past the painting and see that beautiful look and personality, my heart swim with warmth.

I am so thankful for this painting which brightens our home and will remind us every day of this beautiful little dog.

Line Nordgren
Line with Alice's Portrait Testimonial

Line commissioned me to paint her beloved and really special dog Alice. Alice was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a very beautiful dog. She was young when the passed and left Line devastated.

Line wanted a special memorial of her and decided for a big oil painting with a lovely gold frame. Line was kind enough to take some photos of herself with the painting and she also wrote a special testimonial, I can't thank her enough for taking the time to do that for me.