Mikael's Testimonial

Hi Katja!

When I saw the pictures in the email I got warm all over, What a beautiful painting you've done for me, Katja! THANKS! It would be perfect if I could come down and collect the painting this weekend.

I am so incredibly happy, and it will be so much fun to come down and bring it home! :) I can't wait: D. THANKS again!


Mikael's Testimonial

Mikael commissioned me to paint one of his favorite photos in 2012. The reference photo was taken by his mother at the perfect moment, the moment all foals slowly and curiously came to say hello to Mikael when he wanted to take some photographs.

Mikael came to collect his painting all the way from Stockholm along with his parents and it was really nice to meet them. Before they went back home we took the opportunity to take some photos together with the painting.