David & Alison's Testimonial

Hello Katja

Both Alison love the Siberian Stretching Tiger and it is marvelous how you have captured the relief on his face whilst stretching. 

But we shamefully admit that our favourite is the Polar Bears.  This is perhaps because we always wanted the bears and because the beauty makes them “come alive” but then so does your Tiger ……. I guess we love them both but as you can see from the pictures, your Polar Bears allow our home to be a home.  Exquisite indeed. Lots of love from the USA.

I will regroup and establish contact again.  Don’t forget us in the meantime.

Take care.

David & Alison
David and Alison's Testimonial

David commissioned me to paint a few wildlife paintings for one of his houses in USA. The first painting I created for him and his wife Alison was the Polar bears - mother with her two cubs.

We had contact through phone too and he left a really nice testimonial to my answering machine when they received their painting. It was so nice so I had to listen to it several times.

The funniest part was about how I packed the painting... well it's a pity I can't use it here. Even though David works allot, he took the time to take some photos of the Polar Bear Painting in Situ.

They chose a really lovely frame which was nice to see too.