Mel Shrawder's Testimonial


Again, our deepest gratitude on a beautiful job.  Sometimes they appear so real they make us a bit sad especially on the last one that ee lost in March - Coconut.

 Schatza and Ariel died almsot 20 years ago and Blue about 7 years ago so it is easier to enjoy the likeness without that immediacy. We have put them up in our bedroom and enjoy the opportunity to talk to them before going to bed.

Thanks so much for the hard work and patience, and I hope the future brings you much wealth, health and happiness.

Mel Shrawder

Shrawder's Testimonial

Mel Shrawder commissioned me to create two sketchy pastel portraits of their four pets. One portrait with cats Coconut and Blue, the other portrait with dogs Schatza and Ariel. Mel and his wife were kind enough to take some photos of them selves when holding the portraits.

It was really nice to see them in person too, since we chatted a little bit more than I normally do with my clients. Some clients are more quiet through the painting process. Read his testimonial below.